5/10 – Feast of St. Cataldo

St. Cataldo

A most curious thing in all the entries of “The Book of Heaven” is that there are no mistakes or corrections anywhere (remember that Luisa had little more than what we would consider a second grade formal education).

The Church of St. Cataldo in the City of Corato was opposite from what is now a corner bar above which is where Luisa was born. If one is standing and facing the building where Luisa lived most of her life and where her bed still remains the location of the Church would be to the left at the end of an alley which ends in an intersection.

The City of Corato “laid hands” on the Church of St. Catalto and leveled it after it was damaged by the earthquake and it is currently being used for parking and on certain days is used as an open air market. Luisa solemnly said that in time it must be reopened so that indicates that in the future, it must be rebuilt.

It is interesting that the miraculous painting of our Lady, Saint Mary the Greek (also known as the Crowned Lady), was in the Church of St. Caltado at the time of the earthquake and was not damaged. It was moved to its present location to the Church of Saint Mary the Greek which Luisa mentions in the volumes.

St. Mary the Greek