Memorial for Fr. Robert Young

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To hear about the death of Fr. Robert Young was such a terrible thing. There is an immense sorrow and a great consternation. He was loved by a lot of people here in Belgium. Many years he came to teach and to learn us about the gift of all gifts: his so important mission!

Each time he stayed here at the House of the Divine Will Belgium (his European home) for several days. Meantime we organized always different conference days, retreats, meetings with all the leaders of the Belgian groups, afternoons with priests and a contact with the local Bishop (who liked him very much).

So for the Divine Will Belgium his passing means a very, very great loss. But, as Luisa learned,  FIAT – FIAT – FIAT, even when it is very difficult now.

But there is not only a deep pain and sorrow but also an enormous gratitude for all Fr. Robert meant to us, for all the things he learned again and again about the writings of Luisa.

He was still here two months ago and should certainly come back next year.

I even went to see for an Abbey to organize again a retreat in 2018.

And there is also joy. A heavenly joy knowing Fr. Robert is living now where the Divine Will reigns perfectly. Now he must know and see and experience the effulgence of the Light of the Sun of the Divine Will! How often he spoke about it…

Also this:

His only program on Radio Maria during his last stay in Europe happened from here, from the House of the Divine Will Belgium on Saturday September 9…

And another beautiful thing:

On Monday September 11, Fr. Robert celebrated here the 35th anniversary of his priesthood. Sitting alone with him in the chapel of the House of the Divine Will for Eucharist, he was so happy with the first reading taken from the letter to the Colosians 1,24-29.2,1-3 (maybe you can look yourself to read and to see the beauty of this passage and to see what it meant to Fr. Robert). ‘This is a reading for me – it seems really written for me, for my priesthood in the Divine Will’. And this he repeated different times during the day…

Our so dear Divine Will priest will never come back to Belgium… He’ll find now all the rest he needs and an unspeakable happiness in the Eternity of God’s Willing, together with Luisa and Annibale. I’m so happy for him…


Goedele – Divine Will Belgium