5/12 – To kneel or stand when receiving Holy Communion?

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from the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will)

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI had wanted communicants to kneel at Papal liturgies, but some Bishops mandate standing on the grounds that standing up shows respect. Yes, standing may show respect for human persons, but Jesus is a Divine Person. Every knee shall bend before the Lord (see Philippians 2:10; Romans 14:11).


Book of Heaven – July 1, 1902

True victims must expose themselves to the pains of Jesus. Machinations against the Church and against the Pope.

As I was in my usual state, I (Luisa) found myself outside of myself, kneeling on an altar together with two more people. In the meantime Jesus Christ appeared over this altar, and He said: “True victims must have communication with my very life; they must avail themselves of my very self, and expose themselves to my very pains.” While saying this, He took a pyx in His hand and gave Communion to all three of us. After this, behind that altar there seemed to be a door which led into a street filled with people and jam-packed with demons, in such a way that one could not walk without being squeezed by them; and since it was full of thorns, extremely sharp, one could not make a movement without feeling one’s flesh being pricked deep inside. At any cost I would have wanted to escape those diabolical furies, and I almost tried to do it, but someone, I don’t know who, prevented me by saying to me: “Everything you see are machinations against the Church and against the Pope. They would want the Pope to get out of Rome by invading the Vatican and seizing it, and if you want to avoid these bothers, men and demons will acquire strength and will make these thorns come out which will prick the Church bitterly. But if you content yourself with suffering them, both the one and the other will be weakened.” On hearing this I stopped, but who can say what I went through and suffered. I thought I would never again get out from the midst of those diabolical spirits; however, after staying there almost one whole night, divine protection freed me.


Due Reverence Before the Blessed Sacrament
Excerpt from Book IV, Chapter XVI

of The Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
by Rev. Peter J. Arnoudt, S. J. 

As you read the following passage from the above-named book, written in 1846, bear in mind that it is a classic on traditional Roman Catholic spiritual direction.

1. The voice of Jesus.

My Child, if the heavens were thrown open before thee, and if thy eyes beheld there My glory; how thou wouldst be affected by this sight! How thou wouldst tremble with holy awe! With what reverence thou wouldst fall prostrate!

For, before My throne, sending forth the splendors of glory, like blazing flames and lightnings, thou shouldst behold thousands of thousands of Angels praising Me with all veneration; and, standing around the throne, ten thousand times a hundred thousand ministering to Me.

Thou shouldst, also, behold the mighty throng of Saints, whom thou couldst not count, falling upon their faces in sight of the throne, adoring, and melting with love.

Thou shouldst behold how everything is aglow in My presence: at one time thou shouldst perceive how, by reason of the greatness of the all-pervading reverence, there reigns a deep silence throughout heaven; at another, how the whole place resounds with the voice of its inhabitants, bursting forth and singing in unison: Amen, blessing, and glory, and wisdom and thanksgiving, and honor, and power and strength, to our God, forever and ever!

Now, My Child, I the same, who in heaven am worshiped with such a manifestation of honor and praise, am here present in the most Blessed Sacrament, surrounded by a multitude of heavenly spirits.

See, therefore, and consider, how mortals ought to conduct themseves toward Me. If the very pillars of heaven tremble with awe, what should the dust of the earth do?

2. Here, I desire reverence, here I claim honor, here I exact due worship.

By the free choice of My Heart, I was born in a stable, and I so passed My mortal life, that I had not where to recline My head; but, when I was about to institute this most Holy Sacrament, I ordered to be prepared a large Supper-room furnished, to show how much I wished to be respected and honored, and worshiped in My Sacramental life.

Taught by this, the Church has ever loved the beauty of My house, and erected, to the best of her power, magnificent temples: she has called to her aid nature, that by richness, and art, that by genius, they might adorn My chosen dwelling- places; ever full of solicitude, she has taken care that, according to the desire of My Heart, she may honor Me every way in this most august mystery, and thus testify her own love for Me.

If thou lovest Me, My Child, yea, if thou hast faith, and by its supernal light, viewest My Majesty here veiled, and all that visibly and invisibly surrounds Me, thou wilt surely ever exhibit here supreme reverence.

Thou wilt not here appear before Me among the Angels, except inwardly and outwardly full of recollection and veneration; thou wilt show interiorly and exteriorly naught save piety and devotedness, reverential awe, and love.