12/28 Anniversary of the 1908 Earthquake in Messina, Italy

December 28, 1908 Italy, Messina – The Tenth Most Destructive Known Earthquake on Record in the World (estimated) 7.5 mag. Deaths 70,000 to 100,000 from earthquake and tsunami

City of Messina after the 1908 Earthquake

Jesus foretells to Luisa the earthquakes in Messina, Sicily and Calabria and how large areas of the world will be destroyed by earthquakes, floods, and wars. Five hours later, a massive earthquake destroyed the city of Messina, Sicily, burying thousands of people under a mass of rubble. Not a single one of Fr. Annibale’s orphans died in the earthquake, but 13 of his nuns perished in the ruins. Responding immediately to the disaster, Pope Pius X sent money to relieve the victims, including private funds specially earmarked for the orphans. Through his fatherly concern for the orphans of Messina, the pope formed a deep admiration for Fr. Annibale Di Francia, an esteem destined to have a profound impact on Luisa Piccarreta’s life and work.

Book of Heaven – December 28, 1908

Finding myself in my usual state, I felt as if the earth were wavering and that it wanted to fall out from under me. I became horrified, and said to myself: “Lord, what is this?” Upon which, in my interior, He said: “Earthquakes.” Then He became silent.

I nearly didn’t pay attention to Him, and remaining somewhat in myself I continued my usual interior acts. Thereupon, after five hours had passed since He had first spoken to me, I sensibly felt the earthquake. Consequently, hardly had I finished feeling it, then I found myself outside of myself.

Somewhat confused, I saw agonizing things. However I was immediately removed from the sight of that, and I found myself inside a Church. From the altar came a Young Man dressed in white, who I believe was Our Lord—but I couldn’t say for sure. That Young Man, coming close to me, with an imposing look said to me: “Come.” I felt crushed, without being able to lift myself up. Also I noticed in myself that, at the same time, I was being scourged and destroyed. I said, almost refusing the invitation: “But Lord, is it already time to take me?”

Then that Young Man threw Himself into my arms, and in my interior I heard said to me: “Come, oh daughter, so I can finish with the world. This is because I will destroy large areas of it with earthquakes, floods, and wars.” After that, I found myself within myself.