12/03 With the Divine Will we are everything; without It we are nothing.

Book of Heaven
12/3/03 – Vol. 6

Continuing in my usual state, my blessed Jesus came for a little, telling me:  “My daughter, any human action which has no connection with the Divine Will puts God out of His own creation.  Even suffering itself, as holy, noble and precious as it might be before my eyes, if it is not a birth from my Will, instead of pleasing Me, makes Me indignant and is disgusting to Me.”

Oh, power of the Will of God, how holy, adorable and lovable You are!  With You we are everything, even if we did nothing, because your Will is fecund and gives birth to all goods for us.  Without You we are nothing, even if we did everything, because the human will is sterile and makes everything sterile.