2/2 Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Book of Heaven
10/7/29 – Vol. 27

… After this, I (Luisa) was making my Round, to follow the acts of the Divine Fiat in the Creation; and as I arrived at Eden, I paused in the act when man rejected the Divine Will to do his own.  Oh! how well I comprehended the great evil of doing the human will!

And my beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, terrible indeed was the moment of the fall of Adam.  As he rejected Our Divine Will to do his own, Our Fiat was in act of withdrawing from the heavens, from the sun and from all Creation to reduce It to nothing, because he who had rejected Our Divine Will no longer deserved that Our Fiat maintain the continuous act of creation and preservation in all Creation, made for love of man and given to him as gift from his Creator.

“If it wasn’t that the Eternal Word offered His foreseen merits of the future Redeemer, as He offered them to preserve the Immaculate Virgin from original sin, everything would have gone to ruin:  the heavens, the sun, would have withdrawn into Our source; and as Our Divine Will withdraws, all created things would lose life.  But the Word Humanate presented Himself before the Divinity, and making present all of His foreseen merits, all things remained in their place, and My Fiat continued His creating and preserving work, waiting for My Humanity in order to give it as legitimate gift, that I deserved; so much so, that the solemn promise was given to man, after his fall, that the future Redeemer would descend to save him, so that he would pray and dispose himself to receive Him.

“Our Will did everything and, with justice, had right over everything.  By doing his will, man took Its Divine rights away from It, therefore he no longer deserved that the sun give him light; and as the light invested him, Our Will would feel the rights of Its light being torn away.  For each created thing that he would take and enjoy, it was tearings that he made to It.  If it wasn’t for My Humanity, everything was lost for man.  Therefore, not doing My Divine Will encloses all evils and is to lose all rights, of Heaven and of the earth; while doing It (God’s Most Holy Divine Will) encloses all goods and acquires all rights, human and Divine.”