1/26 The prerogatives of love

9/10/02 – Vol. 4


I thought that blessed Jesus had come back according to the usual way, but what was not my disillusion when, after deciding that He was not going to take me for now, He began to make me struggle for seeing Him, and most of the times, like shadow and flash. Then, this morning, as I was feeling very tired and exhausted in my strengths for the continuous longing and waiting, it seemed He came, and transporting me outside of myself He told me: “My daughter, if you are tired, come to my Heart – drink, and you will be refreshed.”

So I drew near that divine Heart and I drank in large gulps a milk mixed with a most sweet blood.  After this, He (Jesus) told me: “The prerogatives of love are three: constant love without end, strong love, and love of God and neighbor bound together. If these prerogatives do not appear in the soul, one can say that hers is not the quality of true love.”

1/25 The soul must sow good with her whole being

8/19/08 – Vol. 8

Having done my meditation on the fact that one who sows good will harvest good, and one who sows vices will harvest evils, I was thinking about what good I could sow, given my position, my misery and inability. At that moment, I felt I was being harvested, and I heard Him (Jesus) say in my interior: “The soul must sow good with her whole being – with all of it. The soul possesses a mental intelligence, and she must apply it to comprehend God, to think of good alone, never allowing any bad seed to enter her mind; and this is the sowing of good with the mind. The same with her mouth: she must never sow any bad seed, that is, bad words, unworthy of a Christian, but always say holy, useful and good words; so here is the sowing of good with the mouth. Then, with her heart she must love God alone, desire God, palpitate for Him, and tend to Him; here is the sowing of good with the heart. Then, with her hands she must do holy works, with her feet she must walk after the examples of Our Lord; and here is another good seed.”

On hearing this, I thought to myself: ‘So, in my position I too can sow good in spite of my extreme misery.’

But I thought of this with a certain fear of the account that the master will ask of me – whether I have sown well; and in my interior I heard Him repeat: “My goodness is so great that great wrong is done by those who make Me known as severe, very demanding and rigorous. Oh, what an affront they give to my Love! I will ask for no other account but of the little field given to them; and I will ask for an account for nothing but to give them the fruit of their harvests. I will give it to the intelligence, for the more it has comprehended Me in life, the more it will comprehend Me in Heaven; and the more it will comprehend Me, the greater the joy and beatitude with which it will be inundated. To the mouth I will give the harvest of the different divine flavors, and its voice will harmonize above all the other Blessed; to the works I will give the harvests of my gifts; and so with all the rest.”

1/24 Jesus speaks about His Will and about charity

7/23/01 – Vol. 4

As I was with many doubts about my state, on coming, my adorable Jesus told me: “Daughter, do not fear, what I recommend to you is that you remain always conformed to my Will, because when the Divine Will is in the soul, neither the diabolical nor the human will have the strength to enter the soul to make fun of her.”

After this, I seemed to see Him crucified, and since the Lord had shared with me, not only His pains, but some sufferings of another person, He added: “This is true charity: to destroy oneself in order to give life to others, to take upon oneself the evils of others, and to give Me one’s own goods.”

1/23 Jesus wanted to suffer in His Humanity in order to redo the human nature.

1/13/07 – Vol. 7

Continuing in my usual state, I saw my blessed Jesus flashing by, and He told me: “My daughter, how much I love souls! Listen: the human nature was corrupted, humiliated, without hope of glory and of resurgence, and I wanted to suffer all humiliations in my Humanity. In a special way, I wanted to be stripped, scourged, and let my flesh fall off in shreds under the scourges, almost undoing my Humanity, in order to redo the humanity of creatures, and to make it rise again full of life, of honor and of glory to Eternal Life. What more could I do which I have not done?”

1/22 By sinning, man comes against Divine Justice. Jesus has done everything for us.

6/12/18 – Vol. 12

Finding myself in my usual state, I was saying to my always lovable Jesus: ‘How is it possible? You have done everything for us; You have satisfied everything; You have restored the Glory of the Father in everything on the part of creatures, so as to cover us all with a mantle of love, of graces, of blessings – yet, in spite of this, chastisements fall down, almost tearing through the mantle of protection with which You covered us.’

And my sweet Jesus, interrupting me, said to me: “My daughter, all that you are saying is true. Everything – I have done everything for the creature. Love pushed Me toward her so much that I wanted to wrap her within my works, as if within a mantle of defense, in order to be sure of putting her in safety. But the creature, ungrateful, rips this mantle of defense by voluntary sin; she escapes from beneath my blessings, graces and love, and going outside, she is struck by the lightnings of Divine Justice. I am not the One who strikes man – he himself, by sinning, comes against Me to receive the blows. Pray, pray for the great blindness of creatures.”

1/21 The very grave sin of abortion. Union of sufferings and of prayers

6/9/99 – Vol. 2

I spent this morning very anguished because of the many offenses which I saw Him receive from men, especially because of certain horrendous dishonesties. How much the loss of souls grieved Jesus! More so, since it was a newborn baby that they were going to kill, without administering holy baptism to him. It seems to me that this sin weighs so much on the scale of Divine Justice, that it is the one that most cries out for revenge before God. Yet, these sorrowful scenes are renewed so very often.

My most sweet Jesus was so afflicted as to arouse pity. Seeing Him in such a state, I did not dare to tell Him anything, and Jesus just told me: “My daughter, unite your sufferings to Mine, your prayers to Mine, so that they may be more acceptable before the majesty of God, and may appear not as your things, but as my own works.” Then He continued to make Himself seen other times, but always in silence. May the Lord be always blessed.

1/20 One who lives abandoned in Jesus’s arms is His favorite

6/12/38 – Vol. 36

(Jesus)  …“O, if everyone abandoned themselves in My arms! The earth would disappear for them, they wouldn’t pay attention to anybody, I (Triune God) would be enough for all. I Love, so much, the one who Lives abandoned in My arms that I show her the Greatest Excesses of My Love, My Love jokes, My caresses. I reach the point of inventing New Love tricks to keep them busy and centered in My Love. Therefore, Live abandoned in My arms and in everything you will find your Jesus defending, helping and sustaining you.”