10/25 Privation makes one know where things come from, and the preciousness of the object lost.

Book of Heaven
10/25/01 – Vol. 4


I went through various days of fear and doubts about my state, believing that it is all a crafting of my fantasy; and sometimes my mind would become so fixated on this, that I reached the point of lamenting and regretting with Our Lord, saying: ‘What pain, what a disgrace mine has been – to be the victim of my fantasy! I believed I was seeing You, but instead, it was all the hallucination of my fantasy. I believed I was fulfilling your Will by remaining in this bed for such a long time, but who knows whether this also has been a fruit of my fantasy. Lord, the mere thought of this gives pain – it frightens. Your Will used to sweeten everything, but this embitters me down to the marrow of my bones. O please! give me the strength to get out of this imaginary state.’ And I would get so fixated as to be unable to distract myself; so much so, that I reached the point of thinking that this fantasy would prepare for me a place in hell, though I tried to snap out of it by saying: ‘Well then, I will make use of my fantasy to be able to love Him in hell.’

Now, while I was in this fixation, blessed Jesus wanted to increase the pain of my position by moving within my interior, saying: “Do not pay attention to this, otherwise I will leave you, and will show you whether it is I who comes, or it is your fantasy that hallucinates.” In spite of this, I did not then get concerned, saying: ‘Ah, yes, He will not have the courage to do it – He is so good. Yet, He actually did it.’

It is needless to say what I went through for several days without Jesus – I would be too long; the mere remembering freezes the blood in my veins, therefore I move on. Now, after I said all this to the confessor, it seemed that he became my mediator. As we began to pray together that He would deign to come, I felt I was losing consciousness, and He made Himself seen from very far, almost scowling at me for He did not want to come. I would not dare, but the confessor insisted, uniting the intention that He would share the crucifixion with me. So, to content the confessor, He drew near and shared with me the pains of the cross. Then, as if He had made peace with me, He told me: “It was necessary that I deprive you of Me, otherwise you would not have convinced yourself whether it is I or your fantasy. Privation is beneficial to make one know where things come from, and the preciousness of the object lost; and to hold it in greater esteem when it is reacquired.”

10/24 The miseries of the human nature serve to reorder in it the order of all virtues.

Book of Heaven
10/24/05 – Vol. 6


While considering my misery, the weakness of human nature, I felt I was an object so very abominable to myself, and I imagined how much more abominable I am before God; and I said to myself:  ‘Lord, how ugly the human nature has become.’  Now, coming for just a little, He told me:  “Nothing has come out of my hands which is not good; on the contrary, I created the human nature beautiful and striking, and if the soul sees it as muddy, rotten, weak, abominable, this serves the human nature like manure serves the earth.  One who does not understand what it is all about, would say:  ‘This one is crazy, for he smears the earth with this filth’; while one who understands, knows that that filth serves to fecundate the earth, to make the plants grow, and to render the fruits more beautiful and tasty.  So, I created the human nature with these miseries to reorder in it the order of all virtues; otherwise it would remain without the exercise of true virtues.”  Then I saw in my mind the human nature as though full of holes, and in these holes there was rot, mud; and from within them branches loaded with flowers and fruits were coming out.  So I comprehended that everything is in the use we make, even of miseries themselves.

10/23 Letter #84 from the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta


Fiat – In Voluntate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

Courage and trust.  The Divine Will has found Its work in your soul, and when you suffer more, it seems that Jesus wants to hasten His work, to receive the contentment to see you as He wants and likes, and to be able to say:  “My daughter is like Me, in the sufferings as much as in wanting what I Myself wanted – only the Will of the Celestial Father.  How happy I am!  It is true that you suffer, but I run to sustain you in my arms, that you may feel my strength and the powerful breath of my Will, which searches for the new life I want in you, and converts all your pains into precious gems of love.  And when I feel embittered, I run, I come to you, to be sweetened in your pains which carry the seal of my Divine Will, and to sweeten the bitternesses that, unfortunately, the other creatures give Me.  Therefore, I recommend to you, my daughter:  be patient, be my host, let Me come to be consecrated in you.  But I do not want you as a dead host, but alive and speaking; and may your suffering be the lamp, always lit, which never extinguishes, and which loves Me incessantly.”

My blessed daughter, how good is Jesus!  It seems that He reduces us to dust in order to give us new life, and to find His own Life in us.

Therefore, I recommend:  in whatever state you feel, be always tranquil; do not think of cold or warmth.  The Divine Will is more than everything:  more than prayer, more than recollection, more than fervor, more than miracles – more than everything.  So, my daughter, let us remain always united in the Divine Will.  Pray for me, and from the heart I will do it for you.

I send you a kiss and a tight hug in the Divine Will,

Most affectionately yours,

The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, June 30, 1940

10/22 The cross, a way strewn with stars.

Book of Heaven
10/22/99 – Vol. 2

Jesus continues to make Himself seen afflicted. The moment He came, He threw Himself into my arms, totally exhausted, almost wanting refreshment. He shared with me a little bit of His sufferings, and then He told me: “My daughter, the way of the cross is a way strewn with stars, and as one walks through it, those stars change into most luminous suns. What will be the happiness of the soul for all eternity in being surrounded with these suns? Furthermore, the great reward I give to the cross is so great that there is no measure, either of width or of length – it is almost incomprehensible to the human minds; and this, because in bearing crosses, there can be nothing human – all is divine.”

10/21 The upright intention. Everything which is not done for God is dispersed like dust by a mighty wind.

Book of Heaven
10/21/01 – Vol. 4


This morning, on coming, blessed Jesus seemed to be making a circle with His arms almost to enclose me inside of it; and while clasping me, He told me: “My daughter, when the soul does everything for Me, everything remains enclosed in this circle – nothing goes out, be it even a sigh, a heartbeat, or just any movement. Everything enters into Me, and in Me everything is numbered. And I, as recompense, pour them back into the soul, but all doubled with grace, in such a way that, as the soul pours them once again into Me, and I into her, she comes to acquire a surprising capital of grace. All this is my way of delighting – that is, to give to the creature what she has given Me as if it were her own, always adding from my own. One who, with his ingratitude, prevents Me from giving what I want, prevents my innocent delights. If then one does not operate for Me, everything goes out of my circle, dispersed, like dust by a mighty wind.

10/20 Divine Justice converts the fire of sin into fire of chastisement.

Book of Heaven
10/20/05 – Vol. 6


As I was in my usual state, after I struggled very much, blessed Jesus came for just a little, almost in the act of sending chastisements, and He told me:  “My daughter, sin is fire, my Justice is fire.  Now, since my Justice must remain always the same, just always in Its operating, without receiving any profane fire into Itself, when the fire of sin wants to unite to Its own fire, It pours it over the earth, converting it into fire of chastisement.”