St. Annibale Di Francia

Saint Annibale Di Francia

Beatified Oct. 7, 1990
Canonized on May 16, 2004

Extraordinary Confessor of Luisa Piccarreta for over 17 years.
Ecclesiastical Censor of her Writings,
Founder of the Rogationist Fathers, the Daughters of Divine Zeal,
and the Anthonian Orphanages

Painting in the Church of the Rogation Fathers in Rome


…I saw the blessed soul of Father Hannibal before me, near my bed, invested
 with light, suspended from the earth, fixing on me, but without telling me one 
word. I too felt mute before him, and Jesus added: “Look at him, how
transformed he is. My Will is light, and has transformed that soul into light;
 It is beautiful, and has given him all the shades of perfect beauty; It is 
holy, and he has been sanctified. My Will possesses all sciences, and his soul
 has been invested by divine science. There is nothing which My Will has not
 given to him. Oh! if all understood what Divine Will means, they would put
 everything aside, they would care about doing nothing else, and their whole
 commitment would be to do My Will alone.”

…And now he enjoys, in the 
sea of light of the Divine Will – and this is more than anything.”
 June 1, 1927 – Vol. 22


St. Annibale was the Ecclesiastical Censor of Luisa’s writings until his death in 1927. Volumes 1-19 bear his Nihil Obstat. Additionally, he was responsible for publishing Luisa’s work, The Hours of the Passion, in 1915.

One of Luisa’s Volumes bearing the original handwritten NIHIL OBSTAT
of Saint Annibale Mary Di Francia.