4/18 Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday)


The Liturgy of Maundy Thursday traditionally is full of memories of the Redemption.  Formerly the Mass for Maundy Thursday laid special stress on the institution of the Holy Eucharist and of the priesthood.  It’s Mass carried out more than any other the command of Christ to His priests to renew the Last Supper, during which He instituted His immortal presence among us at the very moment His death was being plotted.

After the Mass the altar is stripped in order to show that the Holy Sacrifice is interrupted and will not be offered up again to God until Holy Saturday.  The priest therefore consecrates more hosts, for on Good Friday the Church refrains from renewing on the altar the sacrifice of Calvary.


Hours of the Passion
Fourth Hour:  From 8 to 9 PM  

O my Sweet Heart, I see that after You (Jesus) have instituted the Most Holy Sacrament and have seen the enormous ingratitude and the offenses of the creatures at the excesses of Your Love, although wounded and embittered, You do not draw back; rather, You want to drown everything in the immensity of Your Love.

I see You, O Jesus, as You administer Yourself to Your apostles, and then You add that they too must do what You have done, giving them authority to consecrate; and so You ordain them priests and institute the other Sacraments.  Thus You take care of everything, and You repair for everything:  the sermons badly given, the Sacraments administered and received without disposition, and therefore without effects; the mistaken vocations of priests, on their part and on the part of those who ordain them, not using all means in order to discern the true vocations.  Ah, nothing escapes You, O Jesus, and I intend to follow You and to repair for all these offenses.

Then, after You have given fulfillment to everything, You gather Your apostles and set out for the Garden of Gethsemane, to begin Your sorrowful Passion.  I will follow You in everything, to keep You faithful company.

4/18 Holy Thursday, Oil of Healing

Praying one with Luisa in the Divine Will, to repair and redo for all souls, past, present and future, echoing the Prayers of Luisa, especially in the 20th Hour of Our Lord’s Passion, Hanging on the Cross, all in +Jesus+

Twentieth Hour 12-1 p.m.

(and Twenty-Second Hour 2-3 p.m.)


  1. Your Adorable Head – 

the Drops of Blood Shed by It, the blows You received on It, the Hair they tore; we have Crowned You with Thorns. 

I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all, O my Jesus, for all the times we have crowned You with thorns; for all the drops of Blood we made You shed from your most Sacred Head; for all the times we have not corresponded to Your Inspirations.


  1. Your Most Holy Eyes – 

the Tears and Blood They Shed, the Cruel Pricks

I ask Your Forgiveness for all those who use their sight to offend You and insult You, asking You, for the sake of the pains suffered in Your Most Sacred Eyes, to give us the Grace that no one may ever again offend You with evil gazes.


  1. Your Most Holy Ears – 

the shouts and mockeries, evil discourses

I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all for all the evil discourses which are listened to, and I pray that the ears of all men may be opened to the Eternal Truths, to the Voices of Grace, and that no one may offend You, ever again, with the sense of hearing.


  1. Your Most Holy Face – 

the spit, slaps, mockeries, trampling

I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all, for all the times we have dared to offend You, asking You, for the sake of these slaps and this spit, to let Your Divinity be Recognized, Praised and Glorified by all.


  1. Your Most Holy Mouth – 

The bitterness of the gall, Ardent Thirst, Prayers Raised to the Father, for gossip, evil and mundane discourses, blasphemies, tastes and uses of tongue

I ask Your Forgiveness for all the gossip and the evil and mundane discourses made by the creatures, and for all the blasphemies they utter.


  1. Your Most Holy Person 

fire that burns all of Your Most Holy Person. (from 3rd Hour)

Your Divine Person, trembling from head to foot  (from the 5th hour)

Your Most Holy Person is all beaten up, and You cannot even help Yourself and clean Yourself, because You are bound. (from 13th Hour)

irreverences to your Most Holy Person (from 18th Hour)

I intend to offer You everything You have suffered in Your Most Holy Person, to give You all the glory that the creatures would have given You, had they conformed their lives to Yours.


  1. Your Most Holy Shoulders – 

for all the blows You have received, for all the Wounds You have allowed them to open on Your Most Sacred Body, and for all the Drops of Blood You have shed.

I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all, for all the times in which, for love of comforts, they have offended You with illicit and evil pleasures.  I ask Your Forgiveness for the many illicit satisfactions; Forgiveness for the many sins committed with the five senses of our body.


  1. Your Left Foot – 

for all the times You tired Your poor Limbs, going in search of souls to lead to Your Heart.

I ask Your Forgiveness for those who do not operate with righteous intention…


  1. Your Right Foot – 

for all You have Suffered and do Suffer for me, especially in this hour, in which You are hanging on the Cross. …for the excruciating crafting that the nails are making in Your Wounds, which rip open more and more at the weight of Your Most Sacred Body. 

I ask Your Forgiveness for all the rebellions and disobediences committed by the creatures…


  1. Your Most Holy Left Hand –

for all that You have suffered for me, for all the times You have placated the Divine Justice, Satisfying for everything!


  1. Your Right Hand –

for all the good You have done, and You do, for all…for the works of Creation, of Redemption and of Sanctification.

I ask Your Forgiveness in the name of all, for all the times we have been ungrateful at Your Benefits, for our many works done without upright intention.


  1. Your Most Sacred Heart –

for all You have Suffered, Desired and Yearned for, for Love of all and for each one in particular. 

I ask Your Forgiveness for the many evil desires, and for the affections and tendencies which are not good – Forgiveness, O Jesus, for many who place Your Love after the love of creatures.


  1. Most Holy Neck –

chains and ropes which have oppressed You.

Forgive me for the many bonds and many attachments of the creatures, which have increased the ropes and chains around Your Most Holy Neck.


  1. Most Holy Shoulders –

Forgive me for the many illicit satisfactions; forgiveness for the many sins committed with the five senses of our body.


  1. Most Holy Breast –

Forgive me for all the coldness, indifference, lukewarmness and horrendous ingratitude.


  1. Most Sacred Hands –

I ask Your Forgiveness for all the evil and indifferent works; for many acts rendered malicious by love of self and self-esteem.


  1. Most Sacred Feet –

Forgive me for the many steps, the many paths covered without righteous intentions; and for the times I move away from You and go in search of the pleasures of the earth.


All with, in, and through Luisa the 3rd Eve, the Reformer and the Restorer

– V26 – 4.7.29





4/17 Wednesday of Holy Week

Book of Heaven
Volume 11; January 22, 1913

The triple Passion of Jesus: of love, of sin, and from the Jews. Jesus is thrown into the Cedron stream.

I (Luisa) was thinking about the Passion of my always lovable Jesus, especially of what He suffered in the Garden. I found myself all immersed in Jesus, and He told me: “My daughter, my first Passion was of love, because the first step with which man, in sinning, gives himself to evil is the lack of love; so, since love is missing, he falls into sin. In order to be repaid through Me for the lack of love of the creatures, love made Me suffer more than anyone; It almost crushed Me, more than if I were under a press. It gave Me as many deaths for as many creatures receiving life.

The second step that occurs in sin is defrauding God of His glory. So, in order to be repaid for the glory taken away by the creatures, the Father made Me suffer the Passion of sin, such that each sin gave Me a special Passion. Although there was one Passion, I suffered for sin as many Passions as there would be sins committed until the end of the world. So, the glory of the Father was restored.

The third effect produced by sin is weakness in man. Therefore, I wanted to suffer the Passion from the hands of the Jews – my third Passion – to restore in man his lost strength.

Therefore, with the Passion of love, love was restored and placed at the right level; with the Passion of sin, the glory of the Father was restored and placed at its level; with the Passion of the Jews, the strength of the creatures was placed at its level and restored. I suffered all this in the Garden, and the pain was so much, so many the deaths – the atrocious spasms inflicted upon Me, that I really would have died if the Will of the Father for my death had arrived.”

Then I began to think of when my lovable Jesus was thrown into the Cedron stream by the enemies. Blessed Jesus made Himself seen in a state that aroused pity, all wet by those filthy waters. He told me: “My daughter, in creating the soul I covered her with a mantle of light and of beauty. Sin removes this mantle of light and of beauty, placing a mantle of darkness and ugliness, rendering the soul disgusting and nauseating. And I, in order to remove this mantle, so filthy, which sin puts on the soul, allowed the Jews to throw Me into this stream, where I remained as though enwrapped, inside and out, because these putrid waters entered even into my ears, into my nostrils and into my mouth; so much so, that the Jews were disgusted to touch Me. Ah, how much the love of creatures cost Me – to the point of rendering Me nauseating even to Myself!”


Divine Mercy Novena

4/16 Tuesday in Holy Week

Book of Heaven
10/30/99 – Vol. 2

Threat of chastisements for Rome.

This morning my benign Jesus came all afflicted, and the first words He spoke to me were: “Poor Rome, how you will be destroyed! In looking at you, I cry over you!” And He was saying this with such tenderness as to arouse compassion. But I could not understand whether it was only about the people, or also the buildings.

Since I had the obedience not to conform to Justice, but to pray, I said to Him: ‘My beloved Jesus, when it is about chastisements, one must no longer argue, but only pray.’ And so I began to pray, to kiss His wounds, and to make acts of reparation. And while I was doing this, every now and then He would say to me: “My daughter, do not use violence on Me. By doing this, you want to use violence on Me by force; therefore, calm yourself.”

And I: ‘Lord, it is obedience that wants it so – it is not I that do this.’ He added: “The river of iniquities is so great as to reach the point of preventing the redemption of souls, and prayer alone, and these wounds of Mine( Our Lord Jesus Christ), can prevent this raging river from absorbing them all into itself.”

3/28 – On March 28, 1994, Cardinal Felici’s letter declared that on the part of the Holy See there was no impediment to the opening of the Cause for the Beatification of Luisa Piccarreta

March 28, 1994 – Cardinal Felici’s letter from the Sacred Congregation of the Causes of the Saints to His Excellency Archbishop Carmelo Cassati.  The letter declared that on the part of the Holy See there was no impediment to opening the Cause for Luisa Piccarreta’s Beatification, and to therefore start the process.

November 20, 1994 – Feast of Christ the King: Archbishop Cassati officially opened the beatification cause of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta in the principal church of Corato, in the presence of a huge crowd of people, locals and foreigners.

In October 2005 at the end of the closure of Luisa’s cause by the Archdiocese of Trani, all official documents were packaged and sealed for shipment to Congregation for the Causes of the Saints – The dicastery, or department, of the Roman Curia responsible to the Holy Father for the investigations which lead to the beatification and canonization of holy men and women. On March 7, 2006 those packages were officially opened by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. Thus began the “Roman Phase” of Luisa’s Cause.

Roman Phase

The Congregation for the Causes of the Saints appoints a Relator from among its College of Relators. His task is to supervise the writing of the Positio, a complete biography containing the evidence for or against the candidate. When completed the Positio is judged by the Congregation’s consultors, and then by a panel of theologians, whose vote determines whether the Positio is presented to the Cardinals of the Congregation for their vote. If the Cardinals approve, the Cause goes to the Pope, whose positive judgment on the Heroic Virtues of the Servant of God permits the person to be called Venerable. This Decree on the Heroic Virtues, together with a Decree approving a Miracle, permits the person’s Beatification.

On March 7, 2006, three days after the 59th anniversary of Luisa’s passage to Heaven, Luisa’s cause was officially opened in Rome. The official seals on the cases containing the documents from the Archdiocese of Trani were broken and the cases opened by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. In attendance were Padre Bernardino Bucci and the Vicar General of Trani Msgr. Savino Giannotti.

Mass Reading for March 7, 2006
Matthew 6: 7 – 15

  7  “And in praying do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do; for they think that
they will be heard for their many words.
8   Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
9   Pray then like this: Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
10   Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as It is in heaven.
11   Give us this day our daily bread;
12   And forgive us our debts, As we also have forgiven our debtors;
13   And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil.
14   For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you;
15   but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your