12/31 New Year’s Eve – Te Deum Prayer

Te Deum Prayer

A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who recite the Te Deum in thanksgiving. A plenary indulgence is granted if the hymn is recited publicly on the last day of the year.

We praise you, O God; we acclaim you Lord and Master.

Everlasting Father, all the world bows down before You.

All the Angels sing Your praise, the hosts of Heaven and all the Angelic Powers,

all the Cherubim and Seraphim call out to you in unending chorus:

Holy, Holy, Holy,
is the Lord God of Angel hosts!

The heavens and the earth are filled, Lord, with your Majesty and Glory.

Your praises are sung by the renowned Apostles;

By all the Prophets, who themselves deserve our praise;

By that mighty white-robed army who shed their blood for Christ.
And to the ends of the earth, Your holy Church proclaims her faith in you:

Father, whose Majesty is boundless; Your only Son, who is to be adored;
the Holy Ghost, sent to be our Advocate.

O Christ, the King of Glory!
You alone are the Father’s Eternal Son.

When you were to become Man so as to save mankind,

You did not shrink back from the Chaste Virgin’s womb.

You Triumphantly destroyed death’s sting,

You opened up to believers the Kingdom of Heaven.

You are now Enthroned at God’s right hand, in the Father’s Glory.
We believe that You will come for Judgment.

We therefore implore You to grant Your servants Grace and Aid,

for You shed Your Precious Blood for their Redemption.

Admit them all to the ranks of Your Saints in Everlasting Glory.

Be the Saviour of Your faithful people, Lord;

grant them Your Blessing, for they belong to You.

Be their Shepherd, Lord, uphold and exalt them forever and ever.

Day by day we praise You, daily we acclaim You.

We will confess and Glorify Your Holy Name, now and for all Eternity.

In Your great Mercy, Lord, throughout this day, keep us free from sin

by Your Protection. Have Mercy on us, we humbly pray;

Lord, have Mercy on us. May Your Mercy, Lord, Your Loving Kindness,

always remain with us; for we have placed our confidence in You.

In You alone, Lord, I have hoped, may I not be disappointed.


12/31 For the New Year: YEARNINGS FOR SANCTITY

By Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will
At the beginning of her mystical life

Introductory Note:  These “Yearnings”, ardent prayer filled with longing and trust, were dictated by Luisa to a soul by the name of Rosa, who would go Luisa’s home to learn the art of embroidery at the tombolo, and was a little disciple of Luisa.  Each soul who yearns to live in the Divine Will, the Sanctity of sanctities, is a little Rose, who longs for Living Water – Sanctity in the Will of her Jesus. 


My most sweet Jesus, my Delight and my Life, O please! by your Mercy, make me holy!  I pray You, O Jesus, for the sake of each beat of your adorable Heart, make me holy.  This is really about your Glory, the loving purpose of your Passion, of your most ardent yearning.  If I am saved, will there perhaps not be in Heaven one more soul that sings your praises for eternity?  Oh! make me holy then! 

O my Jesus, make me holy!

I am a member of that Spouse of Yours, the Church, whom You purchased with your Divine Blood.  O please, do not suffer in Her a bad daughter like me, poor one; but for love of your Church, make me holy, O my God….

I come often to unite myself to You, ineffably, in that Divine Sacrament of Yours, which is called the Bread of Angels, and the Testament of your Love.  O please, do not suffer in me any stain or tepidness, but for love of your Flesh and of your Divine Blood, make me holy, O my God.

O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!


You demand of me to edify my family, my neighbor, my friends; You ask that I make virtue loved, that I draw souls to You.  And how can I ever make it, poor as I am, so lacking in fervor, humility and patience?  O please, for love of those souls, at least, who cost blood to your Heart, make me holy, O my God, make me holy.

But what need do I have to present to You so many reasons?  Are You not infinite Goodness and Generosity?  Could You, O beloved of my soul, allow that a daughter of yours, who opens her heart to You, entrusts to You her yearnings, asks You only that she may be holy, would remain prostrated before You without answering her?  Would You not listen to her in the greatness of your Mercy?

And even when, because of my constant ingratitude, You would want to reject me, could You deny this grace to your Blessed Mother Mary and mine, who asks You for it on my behalf, presenting all of Her compassion for your sorrows?  Could You deny it to my Guardian Angel, who continually offers You His celestial adorations in order to obtain it for me? 

O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!


O my Jesus, I confess myself unworthy of any favor, but when I ask You that I may be holy, what do I ask of You, after all, other than that the designs of your Redemption be fulfilled in me, and that your goodness may triumph in my malice, in my rejections and in my reluctance?

O my Love, You are Omnipotent – set me afire, burn me to ashes, consume me in your flames, let it be that I may never again offend You!  That I may die to myself; that I may make of this little while of my life that is left one single act of expiation, of gratitude, of adoration and of apostolate – one single act of immolation and of most pure love.  O Jesus, may I live all absorbed in You, drawn and genuflected with my spirit, always before your Sacramental Majesty.  Even more, may I, O Jesus, truly live of your very Sacramental Eucharistic Life, which is all an affable mystery of hiddenness, of operosity and of love.   

 O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!


I know… I must do violence to myself in many motions of my spirit, and conquer myself in a thousand ways, on a thousand occasions….

I will need to love prayer, silence, work, mortification.

I will need to operate always and in everything with a live spirit of Faith and of holy fear of God.

I will need to make space, empty of every creature, around me and inside of me.

I will need to keep my heart always up high, keeping it immaculate, adorning it with lilies, with roses, with violets and with hyacinths….

But what is ever impossible for love?  O please! You Yourself, O Lord, make me comprehend how easily I can become holy, if only I embrace with love that daily cross which your love offers me; if only I do, as best I can, the daily actions which duty or charity require of me.

Oh, how sublime it is to become inebriated with pain out of love….  How perfect it turns out to be doing everything with a most pure intention, under the most holy gaze of my God, and in union with my Guardian Angel, as if I were to do that action alone; as if, after that one, I were to appear before the Divine Judgment – as if from it alone depended my eternal salvation.

 O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!


Instruct me, You Yourself, O my Jesus, like a patient Teacher.  Make me – I pray You with St. Thomas – to be without reluctances in my humility, without dissipation in my joys, without disheartenments in my sadnesses, without inconstancy in my piety, without bitterness in my conversations, without laments in my sufferings, without hesitation in my obedience, without preferences in my charity, without artifice in my virtue.

Teach me – I will say to You with Saint Ignatius – to be generous unto heroism, to serve unto sacrifice, to give without measuring, to fight without being afraid of the wounds, to consume myself without lamenting.

O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!


O my Love, who will give me enough to repay You and to satisfy You if not Yourself?  O please, reign, You alone, in this heart of mine, so meager.  May I love You alone, O Jesus, and may I love You equally, when your love caresses me and when it scourges me.  May my spirit rest in You alone, O Jesus.  And when the whirlwind of my passions or the breath of your tests put my soul in agitation, even then, let it be, O Jesus, that each beat of my heart be a praise, a thanksgiving, an adoration for your Divine Heart.  Let is be that, any tie being broken, I may once and for all make a generous leap, and immerse myself inside your Crucified Heart, divine center of charity, of zeal, of purity, of annihilation and of most perfect abnegation….

O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!


O Mary, Mother of sweet Hope and of beautiful Love, I hide myself in the pious shadow of your mantle.

Saint Joseph, my dear most perfect example of the highest sanctity, You be my singular protector, and my model in the interior life of holy sorrow and of holy love….

In the midst of your three Hearts, O Jesus, O Mary, O Joseph, I remain secure and will fear no more on my journey.

O Jesus, O Mary, O Joseph, make me holy, I implore You, O please, make me holy!

O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!




Letters of Luisa #6 – “I return to you the wishes for the new year.  But my wishes are always the same – that in all things you may always do the Divine Will.  It will be your breath, your heartbeat, your refuge.  In It you will find True Peace, and you will give it to others; more so, since by doing the Divine Will, a Sweet Blood will Descend into your veins, which will put to flight all troubles of soul and body.”



12/30 On another year about to close


Volume 20: 1/1/27

(I was meditating on the old year which was setting, and the new one which was rising.)

My state continues in the flight of the light of the Divine Will, and I was praying the pretty little Baby that, just as the old year was dying never to be born again, so He would make my will die and live no more; and as present for the new year, He would give me His Will, just as I gave Him the gift of mine, so as to place it as footstool at His tender little feet, that it might have no other life but His Will alone.  Now, while I was saying this and other things, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and told me:  “Daughter of my Will, how I love, want – yearn that your will may end in you.  Oh, how I accept your present!  How pleasing it will be for Me to keep it as soft footstool at my feet.  In fact, as long as it remains in the creature, outside of its center which is God, the human will is hard; but when it enters again into the center from which it came, serving as footstool at the feet of your little Baby Jesus, it becomes soft, and I use it to amuse Myself.  Is it not right that, little as I am, I have an amusement?  And that in the midst of so many sorrows, privations and tears, I have your will to make Me smile?

“Now, you must know that one who puts an end to her will, returns into the origin from which she came, and the new life, the life of light, the perennial life of my Will, begins in her.” …

12/29 Fifth Day of the Octave of Christmas

Letter #16 from the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta                                                              

In Voluntate Dei!

My good and Reverend Mother General,

Thank you for your wishes; I return them to you from the heart.  Forgive me if I delayed in answering you, as it was convenient for me to play with my Little Baby Jesus, and then to think of my duty of answering Your Maternity.  And you know that many times one loses the game and remains upset, and tries to repeat the game in order to win; therefore it takes time and patience (I am joking).

Now, my most dear Mother, I send you my best wishes:  Christmas has gone, Jesus is born, and as my wishes, I send you little Jesus shivering with cold, His face wet with graceful tears, carrying His present in His little hands.  But do you know what that is?  His Divine Fiat.  What a beautiful present He wants to give you!  The gift is great, but He doesn’t want to be with nothing in His little hands.  My Mother, He is little, and wants to hold something to play with; He wants your will as gift, so He will find something to amuse Himself with.  Aren’t you happy?  Therefore, my wish is great:  I send you a most delicate task – to make the little Infant not be born, but grow with your love, to calm His crying and make Him smile by telling Him that you gladly accept the present of His Will, giving Him yours.  In sum, you will make Him grow so much that you yourself will become the veil that covers Jesus.

My Mother, it is true that my wishes come from a little ignorant one, but you must know that it is the delirium, the fever, that devours me, as I yearn that the Divine Will reign in the hearts, and that we be the repeaters of the life of the Little Baby.

Now I pass on to send my wishes to the whole community and to the little orphans, by sending the greetings, the kiss, the present which Baby Jesus wants to give to all of them.  And I beg all of them not to send Him back, otherwise they will make Him cry; and then how much will it take to soothe His tears.

In a special way I send my most heartfelt wishes to my good Mother Nazarena; tell her that I always remember her, I will never forget her, and I wish that dear little Jesus will keep her company, and make her a saint – a great saint; and to pray for me.

I finish here, because dear Little Baby is in a hurry to come to you, to give you His present and receive yours.  So I leave you in the place of honor of the Divine Will, in which Jesus wants you.  I kiss your right hand with sincere respect, and I ask you to bless me.

The little daughter of the Divine Will

Corato, December 27, 1934

12/28 On this day in 1938 the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta writes the last chapter of Volume 36. The obedience to write ceases.

Letter from Father Bucci

P_Fr Bucci1

Every day the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta attended Holy Mass celebrated in her room, receiving the Most Holy Eucharist daily. She urged everyone to go to Mass on Sunday, and one time rebuked my sister Maria because she had not gone there. This said, it is unthinkable to attribute to the Servant of God behaviors that are not conformed to the Magisterium and to the Precepts of Holy Mother Church.

In order to understand well the spirituality of the Servant of God, the following requirements are necessary:

  1. The groups must be formed by Eucharistic souls;
  2. The groups must be devoted to the Most Holy Virgin, Mother of God;
  3. They must be submitted, in everything, to the authority of the Church and especially to their own Bishop, who is the only guarantee of the Faith in the local Church;
  4. All the writings that make reference to the diaries of Piccarreta, must be read and interpreted, only and solely, in the light of Sacred Scripture and of the Magisterium of the Church.

The groups must have as spiritual father, priests of sure orthodoxy, and who are legitimately incardinated in their own dioceses or, if religious, in the order they belong to.

The groups must gradually form and watch out for inappropriate fanaticism or inappropriate interpretations. Watching out for these inappropriate interpretations they should certainly avoid attitudes that border on heresy.

Our duty is exactly this: a correct interpretation of the writings of Piccarreta in the light of the Magisterium of the Church; this is the precise will of this soul all of God, and very faithful and very obedient daughter of the Church.

One who acts otherwise, is certainly a diabolical being who wants to hinder the fulfillment of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, of which the Servant of God is the bearer.

Fr. Bernardino Bucci

12/28 Feast Day of the Holy Innocents

Micah 5:2 :  “And thou Bethlehem Ephrata, art a little one among the thousands of Judah, out of thee shall He come forth unto Me that is to be the ruler in Israel: and His going forth is from the beginning, from the days of Eternity.”

S_holy innocents
Holy Innocents

The Twenty-four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Eleventh Hour:  From 3 to 4 AM
Jesus in the house of Caiaphas

The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

… My Love, You (Jesus) are before Caiaphas as the most guilty, in the act of being condemned.  Indeed, Caiaphas asks the witnesses what Your crimes are.  Ah, he should rather have asked what is Your Love!  And some accuse You of one thing, some of another, speaking nonsense and contradicting themselves.  As they accuse You, the soldiers who are near You tear Your hair, and unload horrible slaps on Your Most Holy Face, such as to resound through the whole room; they twist Your lips, they hit You, while You remain silent and suffer.  And if You look at them, the light of Your eyes descends into their hearts, and unable to sustain it, they move away from You.  But others take their place, to make of You a greater slaughter.

… I see that Your Love is so great that You anxiously await what Your enemies are doing to You, and You Offer it for our salvation.  And in total calm, Your Heart repairs for slanders, hatred, false witnessings, and for the evil done to innocents with premeditation; and You Repair for those who offend You upon the instigation of leaders, and for the offenses of the ecclesiastics.  … I (Luisa)  am united with You (Jesus), following Your own Reparations

12/27 Feast Day of St. John

St. John, Apostle and Evangelist

To St. John we owe a Gosple, three Epistles and the Apocalypse, with the most beautiful pages on the Divinity of the Word made flesh; for this reason he is symbolized by the eagle which soars in the heights.  On the Cross Our Lord Jesus Christ entrusted His Most Holy Mother Mary to St. John:  “Woman, behold thy son.”

St. John only escaped a violent death by the special protection of God, and which made many believe that the beloved disciple would not die.  Actually he did not depart this life until all the other apostles had passed away.

The following selections are from the EWTN website on St. John the Apostle and Evangelist:

The great love which St. John bore to his God and Redeemer, and which he kindled from his Master’s Divine breast, inspired him with the most vehement and generous charity for his neighbor.  Without the sovereign love of God no one can please Him. “He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is charity.” [I John 4: 8] “Let us therefore love God, because God first hath loved us.” [I John 4: 19] This is the first maxim in a spiritual life, which this apostle most tenderly inculcates. The second is that our fidelity in shunning all sin, and in keeping all God’s commandments, is the proof of our love for God, [I John 3, 4, etc.] but especially a sincere love for our neighbour is its great test. “For he that loveth not his brother whom he seeth, how can he love God whom he seeth not?” says St. John. [I John 4: 20]

St. John teaches us that to attain to this heavenly and Christian disposition, to this twofold charity towards God and towards our neighbour for His sake, we must subdue our passions and die to the inordinate love of the world and ourselves. St. John’s hatred and contempt of the world was equal to his love of God, and he cries out to us, “My little children, love not the world, nor the things which are in the world. If anyone loves the world the charity of the Father is not in him.”


Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta

In the last Supper Jesus gave Luisa the place of honor between Himself and St. John. He gave Himself as food to all, in order to receive food from all. The will of man is that which makes him more like His Creator. The human will is the depository of all the works of man.

Book of Heaven
10/9/21 – Vol. 13

I was thinking about the act in which Jesus had the Last Supper with His disciples, and my lovable Jesus told me in my interior: “My daughter (Luisa), while I was having supper with My disciples, I was surrounded not only by them, but by the whole human family. I had all creatures near Me, one by one; I knew them all, and I called them by name. I (Jesus) also called you (Luisa), and I (Jesus) gave you the place of honor between Me and John, constituting you (Luis) the little secretary of My Will. And as I divided the lamb, in offering it to My Apostles, I gave it to all and to each one. That lamb, bled dry, roasted, cut to pieces, spoke about Me; it was the symbol of My Life and of how I was to reduce Myself for Love of all. And I wanted to give it to all as delicious food, which represented My Passion, because everything I did, said and suffered was converted by My Love into food for man. But do you know why I called everyone and gave the lamb to all? Because I too wanted food from them. I wanted everything they would do to be food for Me. I wanted the food of their love, of their works, of their words – of everything.”

And I: ‘My Love, how can it be that our works become food for You?’

And Jesus: “It is not on bread alone that one can live, but on everything to which My Will gives virtue of making one live. If bread nourishes man, it is because I want it so. Now, whatever the creature disposes with her will to make of her work – that is the form which it assumes. If with her work she wants to form food for Me, she forms food for Me; if Love, she gives Me Love; if reparation, she forms reparation. And if in her will she wants to offend Me, she makes of her work the knife to wound Me, and maybe even to kill Me.”

Then He added: “The will of man is that which makes him more like His Creator. In the human will I placed part of my Immensity and of my Power, and giving it the place of honor, I constituted it queen of the whole of man and depository of all of his works. Just as creatures have chests in which they keep their things to maintain them secured, the soul has her will in which to keep and secure all that she thinks, says and does. Not even one thought will be lost. What she cannot do with her eyes, with her mouth, with her works, she can do with her will – in one instant she can will a thousand goods and a thousand evils. The will makes her thought fly up to Heaven, to the farthest places and deep into the abysses. She might be prevented from working, from seeing, from speaking, but she can do all this in her will. Whatever she does and wants, forms an act which remains deposited in her own will. Oh, how the will can be expanded! How much good and how much evil can it not contain? This is why, among all things, I want the will of man: because if I have this, I have everything – the fortress is conquered.”

The future ruler of Israel, will be born in Bethlehem,
a name that means “House of Bread”