4/20 All that Jesus did upon earth is in continuous act of giving itself to man. Correspondence for each created thing.

Book of Heaven
3/28/22 – Vol. 14

Continuing in my usual state, I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Will of my lovable Jesus; and He told me: “Daughter of my Will, if you knew the portents, the prodigies that occur when you fuse yourself in my Will, you would be stupefied. Listen a bit: all that I did upon earth is in continuous act of giving itself to man, surrounding him like a crown. My thoughts form a crown around the intelligence of the creature; my words, my works, my steps, etc., form a crown around her words, works and steps, so that, by braiding her things with Mine, I may say to my Celestial Father that her works are like Mine.

Now, who takes this continuous attitude of Mine? Who lets herself be braided by my works, with which I crowned the whole human family? The one who lives in my Will. As you were fusing your thoughts in my Volition, my thoughts which surrounded you like a crown heard the echo of my thoughts in your mind, and identifying themselves with yours, they multiplied yours with Mine, and formed a double crown around the human intelligence. And my Celestial Father received, not only from Me, but also from you, divine glory on the part of all created intelligences; the same with words and with all the rest. And He receives this divine glory not only from the creatures, but from all other created things, because all things were created to make continuous love run toward man, and man, by justice, should give homage and love to his Creator for each created thing.

Now, who compensates for this? Who makes that FIAT, through which all things were made, her own, so as to spread homage, adoration, divine love for her Creator over everything? The one who lives in my Will! She makes that Omnipotent FIAT her own almost at each word of hers. The echo of the Eternal FIAT echoes within her Divine FIAT in which she lives, and it spreads, it runs – it flies, impressing another FIAT on each created thing, and giving back to her Creator the homage and the love wanted by Him.

This was done by Me when I was on earth. There was nothing for which I did not requite my Divine Father on the part of all creatures. Now it is done – and I want it, I expect it – by the one who lives in my Will. If you could see how beautiful it is to see my glory, my Love, my profound adoration united to yours, in every flickering of stars, in every drop of light of the Sun! Oh, how it runs – flies upon the wings of the wind, filling the whole atmosphere! It crosses the waters of the sea, it places itself in each plant, in each flower; it multiplies at each motion! It is a voice that echoes over everything, and says: ‘Love, glory, adoration to my Creator!’ Therefore, the one who lives in my Will is the echo of my voice, the repeater of my Life, the perfect glory of my Creation. How could I not love her? How could I not give to her all that I should give to all the other creatures together, giving her primacy over all? Ah, my Love would feel constrained if I did not do so!”

04/19 One who dwells in Jesus swims in the sea of all contentments.

Book of Heaven
Volume 4; November 2, 1900

The one who dwells in Jesus swims in the Sea of all Contentments.

     This morning I felt all oppressed and afflicted, with the addition that Blessed Jesus was not making Himself seen.  Then, after much waiting, He came out from within my interior, and opening His Heart to me, He placed me inside of It, telling me:  “Remain inside of Me – only there shall you find True Peace and Stable Contentment, because nothing penetrates into Me that does not belong to Peace and Contentment.  The one who Dwells in Me does nothing other than swim in the Sea of all Contentments; while, then, in going outside of Me, even if the soul did not meddle in anything, at the mere sight of the offenses that they give Me and of how they grieve Me, she already comes to participate in those Afflictions, and remains troubled.  Therefore, every now and then, forget everything, enter into Me, and come to enjoy My Peace and Happiness.  Then go out, and do for Me the Office of My Repairer.”  Having said this, He disappeared.

4/18 …you, by wanting nothing, have wanted Everything, and here is all the Fineness and the Astuteness of True Love.

Book of Heaven:  Volume 11; February 24, 1912

The soul who Lives in the Divine Will loses her temperament and acquires that of Jesus.  The Smile of Jesus.

     After I saw various souls around Jesus, especially the one who was more sensitive, Jesus told me:  “My daughter, if the souls with sensitive temperament start doing Good, they make more progress than the others, because their sensitivity leads them to arduous and great enterprises.”  I prayed that He would take what was left of her human sensitivity away from that soul, and that He would clasp her more closely to Himself and tell her that He Loved her, for He would conquer her Completely, as she would hear that He Loved her.  “You shall see that You shall succeed.  Have You not Conquered me in this way, telling me that You Loved me very, very much?”  And Jesus:  “Yes, yes, I shall do it, but I want her cooperation – that she escape as much as she can from the people who excite her sensitivity.”
     So I added:  “My Love, tell me, what about my temperament – what is it?”  And Jesus:  “The one who Lives in My Will loses her temperament and acquires Mine.  So, in the soul who Lives in My Will one finds a Pleasant, Attractive, Penetrating, Dignified Temperament, and Simple at the same time – of a child-like simplicity; in sum, she looks like Me in everything.  Even more, she keeps her temperament within her power as she wants and as is needed.  Since she Lives in My Will, she takes part in My Power, so she has all things, and herself, at her disposal, and according to the circumstances and the people she deals with, she takes My Temperament and applies it.”
And I:  “Tell me, shall You give me a First Place in Your Will?”  Jesus smiled:  “Yes, yes, I Promise you.  I shall never let you go out of My Will, and you shall take and do whatever you want.”
And I:  “Jesus, I want to be poor poor, little little; I want nothing, even of Your very things; it is better if You keep them.  I want only You, and as I need things You shall give them to me; isn’t it True, O Jesus?”
And Jesus:  Brava, brava, My daughter!  Finally I have found someone who does not want anything.  Everyone wants something from Me, but not the All – that is, Myself Alone; but you, by wanting nothing, have wanted Everything, and here is all the Fineness and the Astuteness of True Love.”  I smiled and Jesus disappeared.

4/17 Peaceful souls are the delight of God


Book of Heaven
Volume 8; March 29, 1908 

Peaceful souls are the delight of God.

     This morning, on coming, blessed Jesus seemed to carry a black mantle; and drawing near me, He seemed to place me (Luisa) under it, saying: “In this way I will envelop all creatures, as within a black mantle.” And He disappeared.
I remained concerned because of some chastisement, and I prayed Him to come back, for I could no longer be without Him; but I was as though bothered by that sight from before. Then, after much hardship, He came, carrying a cup filled with some liqueur. He gave me some to drink, and then He added: My daughter, peaceful souls eat at my same table and drink at my cup, and the Divine Archer does nothing but dart through them continuously, and no dart is wasted. All of them – all of them wound the loving soul; and the soul faints, while the Divine Archer continues with His arrows which now make her die of love, now give her back new life of love. And from her wounds, the soul shoots her darts to wound the One who has so much wounded her. So, a peaceful soul is the delight and the amusement of God; while, with turbid souls, if the Divine Archer darts through them, the darts are wasted by the soul, leaving Him embittered, and forming the diabolical amusement and taste.”

4/16 Blessed 94th Birthday to Pope Emeritis Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

Book of Heaven; Volume 2, May 2, 1899

How the whole of Heaven is veiled in the Church.
     This morning, Jesus aroused much compassion; He was so Afflicted and in Suffering that I would not dare to ask Him a single question.  We would look at each other in Silence; every now and then He would give me a kiss, and I to Him; and He continued to make Himself seen in this way several times.  On the last time He made me see the Church, telling me these Exact Words:  “The whole of Heaven is veiled in My Church.  Just as in Heaven one is the head, that is God, and many are the saints, of different conditions, orders and merits, so in My Church, in which all Heaven is veiled, one is the Head, that is the Pope, and even in the triple tiara that covers his head is the Sacrosanct Trinity veiled; and many are the members that depend upon this head – that is, different dignities, various orders, superior and inferior.  From the littlest to the greatest, they all serve to embellish My Church; and each one, according to its degree, has the office entrusted to it; and by the Exact Fulfillment of the Virtues, it comes to give of itself a Splendor so Very Fragrant in My Church, that the earth and Heaven are perfumed and illumined, and the people are so drawn by this light and by this fragrance, that it is almost impossible for them not to surrender to the Truth.  I leave it to you, then, to consider those infected members that, instead of shedding Light, cast darkness.  How much torment they cause in My Church.”…

4/15 Everything in Jesus, the Word, speaks Lovingly to creatures

Book of Heaven: Volume 11; April 15, 1916

Everything in Jesus, the Word, speaks Lovingly to creatures, and the soul who Lives in His Will is all voice together with Him. 

       I live dying because of the continuous privations of my Sweet Jesus.  This morning I found all of myself in Jesus, as if I were swimming in the immensity of my Highest Good.  Then I looked inside myself and I saw Jesus in me, and I could hear the whole Being of Jesus speaking:  His Feet, His Hands, His Heart, His Mouth – in sum, everything was Voices.  Not only this, but the wonder was that these Voices became Immense, and Multiplied for each creature.  The Feet of Jesus spoke to the feet and to each step of creatures; His Hands to their works; His Eyes to their gazes; His Thoughts to each of their thoughts.  What harmonies between Creator and creatures!  What an enchanting sight!  What Love!  But, alas, all these harmonies were broken by ingratitudes and by sins; Love was repaid with offenses.  And Jesus, all afflicted, told me:  “My daughter, I AM the Verbum – that is, the Word – and My Love toward the creature is so Great that I multiply into as many voices for as many acts, thoughts, affections, desires, etc. as each creature does, in order to receive from them the return of those acts done for Love of Me.  I give Love and I want Love, but I receive offenses instead.  I give Life, but if they could, they would give Me death.  But in spite of all this, I continue My Loving office.  

     “However, Know that the soul who Lives united with Me and from My Volition, swimming in My Immensity, is all voice together with Me as well.  So, if she walks, her steps speak, pursuing the sinner; her thoughts are voices to the minds; and so with all the rest.  Only from these souls do I find as though a recompense in the work of Creation.  And in seeing that, unable to do anything by themselves to correspond to My Love and maintain the harmonies between them and Me, they enter into My Will, they make themselves the owners of It, and they act in a Divine Manner – My Love finds its outpouring, and I Love them more than all other creatures.”