2/4 Volume 22 – June 17, 1927

… After this, I (the Servant of God, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta) found myself outside of myself, and while looking for my Sweet Jesus I encountered Father Di Francia (now Saint Di Francia).  He was all cheerful, and he told me:  Do you know how many Beautiful Surprises I found?  I did not think it would be so when I was on earth, though I thought I had done good by publishing the Hours of the Passion.  But the Surprises I found are Marvelous, Enchanting, of a Rarity never before seen:  all the Words regarding the Passion of Our Lord changed into Light, one more Beautiful than the other—all braided together; and these Lights grow more and more as creatures do the Hours of the Passion, so more Lights add to the first

But what surprised me the most were the few sayings published by me about the Divine Will:  each saying changed into a Sun, and these Suns, investing all the Lights with their Rays, form such a Surprise of Beauty that one remains enraptured, enchanted.  You cannot imagine how surprised I was at seeing myself in the midst of these Lights and these Suns—how content I was; and I thanked our Highest Good, Jesus, who had given me the occasion and the grace to do it.  You too, thank Him on my behalf.”