2/21 REFLECTIONS AND PRACTICES From the Sixth Hour of the Passion

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In the second hour in Gethsemane, all sins from all times, past, present and future, present themselves before Jesus, and He loads upon Himself all these sins to give complete Glory to the Father.  So, Jesus Christ Expiated, Prayed, and felt all our moods in His Heart without ever ceasing to Pray.  And we, do we always pray, in whatever mood we may be—cold, hard, tempted?  Do we give Jesus the pains of our soul as reparation and as relief in order to copy Him completely within us, thinking that each mood of ours is a pain of Jesus?  As a pain of Jesus, we must place it around Him to compassionate Him and relieve Him.  And if possible we must say to Him, “You have suffered too much.  Take rest, and we will suffer in Your place.”

Do we lose heart, or do we remain at the feet of Jesus with courage, giving Him all that we suffer, so that Jesus may find His own Humanity in us?  That is, are we His Humanity for Jesus?  What did the Humanity of Jesus do?  It Glorified Its Father, Expiated, and Pleaded the salvation of souls.  And we—do we enclose within ourselves these three intentions of Jesus in everything we do, so as to be able to say, “We enclose within ourselves all the Humanity of Jesus Christ?”

In our moments of darkness, do we place the intention of making the light of truth shine in others?  And when we pray with fervor, do we place the intention of melting the ice of many hearts hardened in sin?

My Jesus, in order to compassionate You and relieve You from the total exhaustion in which You find Yourself, I rise up to Heaven and make Your own Divinity my own; and placing It around You, I want to move all the offenses of creatures away from You.  I want to offer You Your Beauty to move the ugliness of sin away from You; Your Sanctity to move away the horror of all those souls who make You feel repugnance, because they are dead to grace; Your Peace to move the discords, the rebellions and the disturbances of all creatures away from You; Your Harmonies to relieve Your hearing from the waves of many evil voices.  My Jesus, I intend to offer You as many Divine Acts of Reparation for as many offenses as assault You, almost wanting to give You death.  And I intend to give You Life with Your own Acts.  Then, O my Jesus, I want to throw a wave of Your Divinity upon all creatures, so that, at Your Divine Contact, they may no longer dare to offend You.

Only in this way, O Jesus, will I be able to offer You compassion for all the offenses that You receive from creatures.

O Jesus, Sweet Life of mine, may my prayers and my pains rise always toward Heaven, so as to let the Light of Grace rain upon all, and absorb Your own Life in me.