4/20 All that Jesus did upon earth is in Continuous Act of Giving Itself to man.

Book of Heaven
3/28/22 – Vol. 14

Continuing in my usual state, I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Will of my Lovable Jesus; and He told me: “Daughter of My Will, if you knew the Portents, the Prodigies that occur when you fuse yourself in My Will, you would be Stupefied. Listen a bit: all that I did upon earth is in continuous act of giving itself to man, surrounding him like a crown. My Thoughts form a crown around the intelligence of the creature; My Words, My Works, My Steps, etc., form a crown around her words, works and steps, so that, by braiding her things with Mine, I may say to My Celestial Father that her works are like Mine.

Now, who takes this continuous attitude of Mine? Who lets herself be braided by My Works, with that I crowned the whole human family? The one who Lives in My Will. As you were fusing your thoughts in my Volition, My Thoughts that surrounded you like a crown heard the echo of My Thoughts in your mind, and identifying Themselves with yours, they multiplied yours with Mine, and formed a double crown around the human intelligence. And My Celestial Father received, not only from Me, but also from you, Divine Glory on the part of all created intelligences; the same with words and with all the rest. And He receives this Divine Glory not only from the creatures, but from all other created things, because all things were created to make Continuous Love run toward man, and man, by Justice, should give Homage and Love to his Creator for each created thing.

Now, who compensates for this? Who makes that FIAT, through which all things were made, her own, so as to spread Homage, Adoration, Divine Love for her Creator over everything? The one who Lives in my Will! She makes that Omnipotent FIAT her own almost at each word of hers. The echo of the Eternal FIAT echoes within her Divine FIAT in which she lives, and It spreads, It runs – It flies, impressing another FIAT on each created thing, and giving back to her Creator the Homage and the Love wanted by Him.