6/7 Day Sixteen of the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

My dearest daughter, O, how I long to keep you always together with Me. I would like to be your Heartbeat, your Breath, the Works of your hands, the Step of your feet, to make you feel, through Me, how the Divine Will Operated in Me. I would like to pour Its Life into you. O, how Sweet, Lovable, Enchanting and Enrapturing It is. O! How you would render Me twice as Happy, if I had you, My daughter, under the Total Empire of that Divine Fiat which formed all My Fortune, My Happiness, My Glory.

Now pay attention to Me, and listen to your Mama who wants to share Her Fortune with you. I continued My Life in the Temple, but Heaven was not closed for Me; I could go there as many times as I wanted—I had free passage to ascend and descend. In Heaven I had My Divine Family, and I Burned and Longed to be with Them. The very Divinity awaited Me with Great Love in order to converse with Me, to be Happy and to make Me more Happy, more Beautiful, more Dear in Their eyes. After all, They had not Created Me to keep Me far away—no, no. They wanted to enjoy Me as Their Daughter; They wanted to hear Me—how My Words, animated by the Fiat, had the Power to put Peace between God and creatures. They Loved to be won by Their Little Daughter, and to hear Me repeat to Them: “Descend—let the Word descend upon earth.” I can say that the very Divinity would call Me; and I would run—I would fly into Their midst. Since I had never done My human will, My Presence requited Them of the Love and the Glory of the Great Work of all Creation, and therefore They entrusted to Me the Secret of the history of mankind. And I prayed and prayed again for Peace to come between God and man.

Now, My daughter, you must know that the human will alone closed Heaven, and therefore it was not given to man to penetrate into those Celestial Regions, or to have a familiar relationship with his Creator. On the contrary, the human will had cast him away from He who had Created him. As soon as man withdrew from the Divine Will, he became fearful, timid; he lost the Dominion of himself and of the whole Creation. All the elements, because they were Dominated by the Fiat, had remained superior to him and could do harm to him. Man was afraid of everything; and do you think it is trivial, my daughter, that he who had been Created as King,

Dominator of everything, reached the point of being afraid of He who had Created him? It is strange, my daughter, and I would say almost against nature, that a son would be afraid of his father; while it is according to nature that, as one generates, love and trust between father and son are also generated. This can be called the primary inheritance that is due to the son, and the primary right that is due to the father. So, by doing his will, Adam lost the Inheritance of his Father; he lost his Kingdom, and rendered himself the laughingstock of all created things.

My daughter, listen to your Mother, and ponder well the great evil of the human will; it removes the eyes of the soul and makes her become blind, in such a way that everything is darkness and fear for the poor creature. Therefore, place your hand upon your heart and swear to your Mama that you would rather die than do your will. I, by never doing my will, had no fear of My Creator. And how could I be afraid if He Loved Me so much? And the Kingdom extended so much within Me, that with My Acts I kept forming the Full Day to make the New Sun of the Eternal Word Rise upon earth. And as I saw that the Day was being formed, I increased My Supplications to obtain the longed-for Day of Peace between Heaven and earth.