6/12 Excerpt from Day Twenty-Eight

The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

. . . Now, listen to Me (Blessed Mother), My daughter (Luisa); I want to speak to you as the Mama who Loves Her daughter very much. I want to tell you what it means to do the Divine Will and to Live of It; and My Son and I give you the example. Our Life was strewn with Pains, with poverty, with humiliations, to the point of seeing My Beloved Son dying of Pains; but in all this the Divine Will ran. It was the Life of Our Pains, and We felt Triumphant and Conquerors, to the extent of changing even death into Life; so much so, that in seeing the Great Good, We voluntarily exposed ourselves to suffering because, since the Divine Will was in Us, no one could impose himself on It, or on Us. Suffering was in Our Power, and We called upon it as Nourishment and Triumph of Redemption, so as to be able to bring Good to the entire world.

Now, dear daughter, if your life and your pains have the Divine Will as their Center of Life, be certain that Sweet Jesus will use you and your pains to give Help, Light and Grace to the whole universe. Therefore, pluck up Courage; the Divine Will knows how to do Great things wherever It Reigns; and in all circumstances, reflect yourself in Me and in your Sweet Jesus, and move forward.