11/22 There is no beauty that equals suffering for God alone.

Book of Heaven
11/23/03 – Vol. 6

I felt impressed in my interior by what I had written above, as if it were not according to the Truth; so, as soon as I saw blessed Jesus, I said:  “Lord, what I have written is not right; how can there be all this through mere suffering?”  And He:  “My daughter, do not be surprised.  Indeed, there is no beauty that equals suffering for the Love of God alone.  Two arrows come from Me continuously:  one from My Heart, that is of Love, and wounds all those who are on My lap – that is, those who are in My Grace; this arrow wounds, mortifies, heals, afflicts, attracts, reveals, consoles and continues My Passion and Redemption in those who are on My lap.  The other comes from My Throne, and I Entrust it to the Angels who, as My ministers, make this arrow flow over any kind of people, chastising them and exciting all to conversion.”  Now, while He was saying this, He shared His Pains with me, telling me:  “Here in you also, is the continuation of Redemption.”