6/30 The Veneration of the Martyrs

The Liturgical Year can be compared to the skies in which during the day the brilliant sun shines, radiating warmth and light, while at night the moon shines brightly and millions of stars glitter.  Similarly, in the skies of the Liturgical Year the most brilliant Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ, always shines with His Most Blessed Mother beside Him, like the bright moon, and round them, like heavenly stars, the immense multitude of Saints.  Besides the festivals in honor of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God, certain days of the Church Calendar are dedicated to the honor of various Saints of greater or lesser importance.

Among the various groups of Saints, the Holy Martyrs hold a special place, the reason for this is that they are the most beautiful flowers in the garden of Christ’s Church, and the first-fruits of the Christian faith, that God has chosen for Himself as a holocaust or burnt offering.  The Holy Martyrs are eloquent witnesses who by their heroic love of God testify to the truth and to our Holy Faith.  Because of their sufferings and martyrdom, the Christian faith grew with remarkable rapidity and became marvelously strong.  From the very beginning, their graves became the places where they were venervated.  As a matter of fact, it was with this veneration that the cult of the Saints originated.  The number of Martyrs is known only to God alone.  But the greater part of the Church Calendar is filled with their names.

Book of Heaven
3/15/12 – Vol. 11

The Divine Will is the sanctity of sanctities, and the soul who does It on earth as in Heaven is a queen soul, who gives life to all the good done on earth and in Heaven. These souls are the true Consecrated Hosts of the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt a great desire to do the Most Holy Will of Blessed Jesus; and He came and told me: “My daughter, my Will is the Sanctity of Sanctities. The soul who does my Will according to the perfection that I am teaching you – that is, on earth as It is in Heaven – however small, ignorant and ignored, leaves even other Saints behind in spite of their prodigies, the most clamorous conversions and the miracles. Really, in comparison, the souls who do my Will in the way It is in my third “FIAT” are queens, and it is as if all the others were at their service.

It seems that the souls who live in my Will do nothing, while they actually do everything, because being in my Will these souls act Divinely, in a hidden and surprising way. They are light which illuminates, wind which purifies, fire which burns, miracles which cause miracles. Those who do miracles are channels; but in these souls resides the power. Therefore, they are the foot of the missionary, the tongue of the preachers, the strength of the weak, the patience of the sick, the regime (of the superiors), the obedience of the subjects, the tolerance of the slandered, the firmness in the dangers, the heroism in the heroes, the courage in the martyrs, the sanctity in the saints, and so on with all the rest. Being in my Will, they concur with all the good that can be both in Heaven and on earth.

This is why I can surely say that they are my true Hosts – but living Hosts, not dead ones. The accidents that form the host are not full of life, neither do they influence my Life; but the soul who lives in my Divine Will is full of life and, doing my Will, she influences and concurs with all that I do. This is why these consecrated Hosts of my Will are more dear to Me than the very sacramental Hosts, and if I have reason to exist in the sacramental Hosts, it is to form the sacramental Hosts of my Will.

My daughter, I take such delight in my Will that, in simply hearing talk about It, I feel overjoyed and I call the whole of Heaven to make feast. Imagine what will become of those souls who will do It: I find in them all the joys, so I give all the joys to them. Their life is the life of the Blessed. They care about, desire and yearn for two things only: my Will and Love. They need to do very little else, while in fact they do everything. The virtues themselves remain absorbed in my Will and in Love. Therefore, they have nothing to do with them, since my Will contains, possesses and absorbs all; but in a Divine manner – immense and endless. This is the life of the Blessed.”