4/30 Tomorrow is May 1st, The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will: Book of Gold!

The Daily Reading Begins:  31 Days in the Month of May

Excerpt from the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Maternal Appeal of the Queen of Heaven

Dearest daughter, I (Blessed Virgin Mary) feel the irresistible need to descend from Heaven to make you My Maternal visits. If you assure Me of your filial love and faithfulness, I will remain always with you in your soul, to be your Teacher, Model, Example and Most Tender Mother.

I come to invite you to enter into the Kingdom of your Mama— that is, the Kingdom of the Divine Will; and I knock at the door of your heart, that you may open it to Me. You know? With My own hands I bring you this book as gift; I offer it to you with Maternal Care, so that, in your turn, in reading it, you may learn to Live of Heaven and no longer of earth.

This Book is of gold, my daughter. It will form your Spiritual Fortune and your Happiness, also terrestrial. In it you will find the Fount of all Goods: if you are weak, you will acquire Strength; if you are tempted, you will achieve Victory; if you have fallen into sin, you will find the Pitying and Powerful Hand that will lift you up again. If you feel afflicted, you will find Comfort; if cold, the sure means to get Warm; if hungry, you will enjoy the Delicious Food of the Divine Will. With it you will lack nothing; you will no longer be alone, because your Mama will keep you sweet company, and with Her every Maternal Care She will take on the commitment of making you Happy. I, the Celestial Empress, will take care of all your needs, provided that you consent to live united with Me.