8/9 The feasts begun in the Fiat are perennial—they never end

Maria Bambina

7/19/28 – Vol. 24

Then, while my mind was making present the Conception of the Sovereign Lady, I (Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta) said to myself: “Immaculate Queen, this little daughter of the Divine Will comes to prostrate herself at your feet, to celebrate your Conception and to give you the honors of Queen. And together with me I call the whole Creation to surround you like a crown—the Angels, the Saints, the heavens, the stars, the sun and everyone, to recognize you as our Queen, to honor and love your height, and to declare ourselves your subjects.

“Don’t you see, oh Celestial Mother and Queen, how all created things run to be around you to say to you: ‘We hail you, our Queen. Finally, after so many centuries, we have been given our Empress.’ The sun hails you as Queen of light, the heavens as Queen of immensity and of the stars, the wind as Queen of empire, the sea as Queen of purity, strength and justice, the earth hails you as Queen of flowers. All hail you, in chorus: ‘You are the welcome one, our Queen—you will be our smile, our glory, our happiness. From now on we will all hang upon your wishes.’”

But while I was saying this, I thought to myself (certainly some of my usual nonsense): “I am celebrating my Celestial Mama, and She does not give a thought to celebrating the little daughter of the Divine Will? I would like no other than the feast of Her keeping me on Her lap like a little child, to feed me the air, the breath, the food, the life of the Divine Will.”

But while I was thinking of this and other things, my sweet Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “Little daughter of My Will, one who lives in My Divine Fiat is celebrated by all and is the feast of all. Do you want to know why you celebrate, from Her very Conception, the state of Queen of My Mama? Because She began Her life in the Divine Will, and the Divine Will makes present to you Her glorious state of Queen, and It makes you celebrate Her with all created things, just as She was celebrated at Her Conception.

The feasts begun in the Fiat are perennial—they never end; and one who lives in It finds them present and celebrates along. And even though the little Queen of Heaven, from Her very Conception, perceived that all revered Her, smiled at Her, longed for Her, and that She was the well-liked of all, yet, She did not know from the beginning the mystery that She was to be My Mother—of Him whom She Herself longed for, as She knew it when the Angel announced it to Her—however, She knew that Her royalty, Her empire and the many shows of obsequies came to Her because in Her reigned My Divine Will.

Now, you must know that as you celebrate the Mama and Her Sovereignty, the Mama celebrates the daughter, the newborn of that Fiat that She loved so much as to keep It as Her life; and in you She celebrates what you yourself do not know for now, but will know later. Don’t you know that She longs for the little queens, which are the little daughters of My Will, to make for them the feast that She receives?”