8/16 The harm of thinking about oneself and the goodness of thinking only of Jesus.

8/16/12 – Vol. 11

This morning my always adorable Jesus told me: “My daughter, the thought of yourselves blinds your minds; it forms a sort of human enchantment in you, and this enchantment forms a net around man. This net is made of weaknesses, oppressions, melancholies, fears and of all the evil contained in human nature. The more one thinks of herself, even under the aspect of good, the thicker the net becomes – the more blind the soul.

On the other hand, not thinking of oneself but thinking only of Me, and only of loving Me in everything, is light for the mind which forms a sweet divine enchantment. Its net is also formed, but this net is made of light, fortitude, joy and trust; in sum, of all the goods that I Myself possess. The less one thinks of herself, the thicker that net becomes, to the extent that one no longer recognizes herself. How beautiful it is to see the soul wrapped in this net which has been woven by Divine enchantment! How delightful, gracious and dear to all Heaven! The opposite for the soul who remains fixed on herself.”