8/20 Letter #101 from the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

To Federico Abresch (?)
Dearest son in Jesus Christ,

Thank you for everything. Let us hope that the Lord will enlighten the Holy Pontiff. If you can take other steps, do it; otherwise, we will always say, “Fiat, Fiat!” However, while we wait, let us live always in the Divine Will. The Divine Will is on the lookout – one could say – to see whether even our breath, heartbeat and motion are in His Holy Volition. And if It sees them running, It makes feast, and feels Itself being loved, glorified and adored by all, in our breathing, heartbeat and motion. In one single breath, we give It everything and everyone. Its Most Holy Will circulates in all and gives life to all, and our little motion runs together with It and gives It all that creatures owe It. It is enough to say that one single act done in the Divine Will storms Heaven; we make the seas of love of the Queen of Heaven and of the very Divinity our own, and we give them back to God as seas of love which belong to us.

We, poor creatures, are nothing; and so He calls us; He wants us in His Will, to receive everything, even Himself, from His beloved creature. Everything else is nothing – it is just little drops. So, if we want to love very much, let us live in His Holy Will, and – oh, how many surprises we will find! First of all, the Divine Will operating in us, which will form seas of love, of light, of sanctity and of surprising graces; and we will be involved in such a way as to be unable to leave.

I leave you in the Divine Volition to become a great saint, and greeting you cordially, I say,
Most affectionately yours,
The little daughter of the Divine Will.
Corato, August 19, 1941