9/3 Feast of Saint Pius X

 Calendar for the Traditional Roman Rite

S_St Pius X

Saint Pope Pius X (1903-14)

Motto “renew all things in Christ”

An 11 year period where Luisa “The Divine Mirror
completed the very important book “The Hours of the Passion”,
which was soon followed by WWI.

In the year of 1903, Luisa completed the 1st volume of her life, up to the point on February 28, 1899, when she was given the obedience to write.

“Several witnesses relate that one day Father Annibale came to the house of Luisa more content than ever, and said that
he had brought this book to the Holy Father, Saint Pious X, who had received him several times in private audience.

Father Annibale was reading him one of the Hours (that of the Crucifixion), when the Pope interrupted, saying:

“Not this way, Father, but kneeling one must read.
It is Jesus Christ that is speaking.”

Finally, Father Annibale, as Censor of the writings, obtained the Imprimatur from His Excellency the Archbishop of
Trani for the volumes written by Luisa (at that time there were already nineteen)