9/4 Excerpt from Letter 6 of Saint Di Francia to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta: Rome, September 4 A.D. 1926

S_St Annibale5

I give you this news: yesterday, first Friday of the month of September, I presented to Our Lord the 3rd Volume, which I finished reviewing completely. Then I went to the Sacristy and I signed it at the end with my Nihil Obstat, with the authority that Msgr. Archbishop of Trani gave me by appointing me Ecclesiastical Censor for the publications of His three Dioceses. So the authorization to publish for the world these books dictated by Our Lord about His Divine Will, is now opened. Note that it was the lst Friday of the month which is dedicated each month to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Now this is my idea: to review, myself personally, with the help of the Lord, all of the other volumes which I have not yet read—that is, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10, 11th, 19th; then, after going through them, to place my Nihil Obstat; and then to pray Msgr. Archbishop of Trani, according to His promise, to place His Imprimatur on each volume, after my Nihil Obstat. It is understood that I will also place the Nihil Obstat, without new revision, on Volumes 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, which I have already reviewed, and whose originals you have. In this way, everything will be ready for the future—who knows, Our Lord may use whomever He wants.

Do you see how, in this way, the celestial plan which wants these writings to be approved by the Ecclesiastical Authority appears to be so well outlined! Who can resist the Divine Will?

I think I will come back to Corato between the 21st and the 22nd of this month of September because, in truth, if I can, I will do everything possible with the help of Our Lord in order to present to Msgr. Archbishop of Trani all of our volumes with my Nihil Obstat on September 24, which is dedicated to the Most Holy Virgin of Mercy, Redemptrix of slaves, and to have all the Imprimaturs, or at least the beginning of the Imprimaturs, on that day, so sacred and meaningful!—which also falls on a Friday.

In the meantime, let us pray, because if this point is passed, we can say that the publication is secured.

Lady Obedience imposes on you to write, either during the day or at night, everything, everything—everything that the Lord reveals to you: let nothing escape you. This is word of the Uncreated Wisdom, and one word is worth more than the whole Universe. You are not allowed, therefore, to neglect even one syllable. If you are not impeccable in this Obedience, I will ask your Archbishop to exercise greater authority over you.

I bless you and your good sister and the young girls.

Blessing you again, I commend to you a little bit my poor health, which is worsened by the years; but before all, ask Blessed Jesus for my conversion.

If you want, you can write me a few lines. My address is: Via Circonvallazione Appia, 66 – Roma (40).

Yours in J. C., our Beloved

Canonico M.A. Di Francia