2/29 Benefits of the Devotion to the Mother of Sorrows

M_Seven Sorrows3

1. To realize the value of a soul, worth the supreme Sacrifice on Calvary.

2. To work for souls, by evangelization, duty to life’s duties, and prayer for sinners.

3. To pray always, in a life of union with God; whoever has a heart similar to Jesus’ and Mary’s hearts, will work for the salvation of souls.

When we commit sin we bring sorrow to Our Lady, for she is, indeed our very Mother, our spiritual Mother, and she watches over us as she watched over her Baby, nearly two thousand years ago.

It is the desire of Jesus that we should think of His Passion, to offer Him our devotion and to renew our sorrow for sin. It is also His desire, as the Church makes clear to us, that we should think of the compassion of Mary in His Passion.


12/21/03 – Vol. 6

This morning I found myself outside of myself, and looking into the vault of the heavens I saw seven most refulgent suns – but their shape was different from the sun which we see.  It started with the shape of a cross and it ended with a point, and this point was inside a heart.  At first it could not be seen clearly, because the light of these suns was so great as to not allow one to see who was inside; but the nearer I drew, the more clearly it appeared that the Queen Mama was inside.  In my interior I kept saying:  ‘How I would like to ask Her whether She wants me to try to go out of this state without waiting for the priest.’  In the meantime, I found myself near Her and I told Her; and She answered a curt “No”.  I was left mortified by this answer, and the Most Holy Virgin turned to a multitude of people who surrounded Her, and said to them:  “Listen to what she wants to do….”  And everyone said:  “No, no….”

Then, drawing near me, all goodness, She (Blessed Mother Mary) told me:  “My daughter, courage along the way of sorrow.  See, these seven suns which come out from within my Heart are my Seven Sorrows which produced much glory and splendor for Me.  These suns, the fruits of my sorrows, dart continuously through the throne of the Most Holy Trinity which, feeling wounded, sends Me seven ›channels of grace continuously, making Me their owner; and I dispense them for the glory of all Heaven, for the relief of purging souls, and for the benefit of pilgrim souls.”  While saying this, She disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.