10/19 North American Martyrs

Members of the Society of Jesus who dedicated themselves to the conversion of the American Indians took Christ’s Words very literally. They journeyed from Renaissance France to the frontiers of North America that they might preach and Baptize. After pouring the saving waters of Baptism on a dying Indian child, Saint John de Brebeuf, the great pioneer of this mission, exclaimed with joy, “For this one single occasion I would travel all the way from France; I would cross the great ocean to win one little soul for Our Lord!” And so pleased was God with the genuine zeal and the extraordinary sacrifices of these Jesuit apostles that He bestowed upon Father Brebeuf and seven of his fellow missionaries the glorious crown of martyrdom.


Volume 11; September 25, 1914
Effects of the prayers done in the Divine Will.
I [Luisa] was offering my poor prayers to Blessed Jesus, and I was thinking to myself to whom it would be better for Blessed Jesus to apply them.  And He, benignly, said to me:  “My daughter, the prayers done with Me and with My very Will can be given to all, without excluding anyone.  All receive their part and their effects, as if those prayers had been offered for one alone.  However, they operate according to the dispositions of the creatures, just like Communion, or My Passion:  I give It to all and to each one, but the effects are produced according to their dispositions; and if ten people receive It, the fruit is not inferior to the case in which five had received It.  Such is the prayer done together with Me and from My Will.”