…and their desired One, the Cornerstone that makes both one– COME! and deliver man, whom You formed out of the dust of the earth.

3/9/31 – Vol. 29

…Therefore, when these seas of Our (Triune God’s) Divine Qualities were put out of Ourselves, We created man, enriching him with Our Qualities, for as much as he could contain, so that he too would have an act that could echo within Our Power, within Our Love, within Our Goodness, to be able to love Us with Our same Qualities. We wanted man, not a servant, but a son; not poor, but rich; not outside of Our goods, but inside of Our inheritance; and as the confirmation of this, We gave him Our very Will as life and as law. This is the reason why We love the creature so much—because she has from Our own, and not to love one’s things is outside of nature and against reason.”