1/19 Freedom is necessary in order to recognize the good and the evil

Vol. 4 – 1/5/03

This morning I felt almost free of sufferings. I myself did not know what to do, when I felt I was outside of myself and I saw people from our country who, in addition to the words and the calumnies they had spoken, were plotting to come to deeds. In the meantime I saw blessed Jesus and I said: ‘Lord, You give too much liberty to these infernal men. Up until now it has been about infernal words, but now they want to reach the point of laying hands on your ministers. Bind them, and have compassion on them, and, at the same time, defend those who belong to You.’

And He: “Daughter, this freedom is necessary in order to recognize the good and the evil…”

…He (Jesus) told me: “My daughter, I did not make man for the earth, but for Heaven; his mind, his heart, and everything that his interior contains were to exist in Heaven. Had he done this, he would have received the influence of the Most Holy Trinity within his three powers, and It would have been copied within himself; but since he occupies himself with earth, he receives mud, rot and the whole bilge of vices that the earth contains.”