6/6 Eve of the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Spring of Glory and of Graces.

J_Bleeding Sacred Heart

6/27/19 – Vol. 12

Continuing in my usual state, my lovable Jesus showed me His Most Holy Heart, telling me: “My daughter, as many virtues as my Heart practiced, so many springs were formed in It. And as they formed, innumerable rivulets gushed forth, which, spurting up to Heaven, worthily glorified the Father in the name of all, and dropped again from Heaven for the good of all creatures. Now, as creatures too, practice virtues, they form little springs in their hearts, from which their little rivulets gush forth, which cross Mine and, spurting together, glorify the Celestial Father and descend for the good of all, forming such harmony between Heaven and earth that even the Angels remain astonished at the enchanting sight. Therefore, be attentive in practicing the virtues of my Heart, so as to let Me open the springs of my Graces.”