3/31 God knows the number, the value and the weight of all created things.

J_God sees me
God sees me


8/10/04 – Vol. 6
…At that moment blessed Jesus told me: “Silly, silly that you are – why do you marvel so much? What is difficult and impossible for the creature, is easy and possible, and also natural, for the Creator. It happens in this as to someone who, looking at millions and millions of coins in the twinkling of an eye, says to himself: ‘They are innumerable – who can count them?’ But the one who put them in that place tells everything in one word: they are this many, they are worth this much, they weigh this much. My daughter, I know how many drops of water I Myself put in the sea, and no one can disperse even a single one of them. I numbered everything, I weighed everything, I evaluated everything; and so with all the other things. So, what is the wonder if I know everything?” On hearing this, every marvel ceased; or rather, I marveled at my silliness.