3/31 Blessed Easter!

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Volume 36; April 20, 1938
Our Lord Jesus Christ:  “Therefore, the one who Lives in My Will can say, as the Angel said to the holy women on the way to the Sepulcher, ‘He is Risen.  He is not here any more.’   The one who Lives in My Will can also say, ‘my will is not with me any longer – it is Risen again in the Fiat.’  And if the circumstances of life, opportunities and sufferings surround the creature, as if they were looking for her will, she can answer: ‘my will is rRsen again, it is not in my power anymore.  I possess, in exchange, the Divine Will, and I want to cover with Its Light all things around me – circumstances and sufferings, to make them like many Divine Conquests.’  The soul who Lives in our Will finds Life in the Acts of  her Jesus, and Our (Triune God’s) Operating, Conquering, Triumphant Will always runs in her.  She gives Us (Triune God) so much Glory that Heaven cannot contain it.  Therefore, Live always in Our Will – never leave it, if you want to be Our Triumph and Our Glory.”