11/24 Thanksgiving Day in America


…for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you all.


J_What Divine Love can doJ_Holy Card Chalice

Book of Heaven:  Volume 12 – July 2, 1918
As the soul abandons herself in Jesus, He abandons Himself in the soul.

I was saying to my beloved Jesus: “Jesus, I love You, but my love is small; so I love You in Your Love, to make it big. I want to adore You with Your Adorations, pray in Your Prayer, thank You in Your Thankgivings.”

Now, while I was saying this, my lovable Jesus told me: “My daughter, as you placed your love in Mine in order to love Me, your love remained fixed in Mine, and it became longer and larger within Mine – and I felt I was being loved the way I would want the creature to love Me. And as you adored in My Adorations, and prayed, and thanked, these remained fixed in Me – and I felt I was being adored, prayed and thanked with My Adorations, Prayers and Thankgivings. Ah, My daughter, Great Abandonment in Me is needed! As the soul Abandons herself in Me, I Abandon Myself in her; and filling her with Myself, I Myself do all that she Must Do for Me. But if she does not Abandon herself, all that she does remains fixed in her, not in Me, and I feel the work of the creature as full of imperfections and miseries – which cannot please Me.