3/18 Feast Day of Our Lady of Mercy of Savona (Traditional calendar)

Our Lady of Mercy

V13 – 11.19.21 – “…And here is My Mama, who in the Portent of My Will Conceived Me and gave Me Birth in time, now giving Me Life a second time to let Me Accomplish the Work of Redemption. Then I looked to the left, and I found the little daughter of My Will.  I found you as the first, with the retinue of the other daughters of My Will.  And since I wanted My Mama with Me as the First Link of Mercy, by which we were to Open the Doors to all creatures, I therefore wanted to Lean My Right Arm on Her.  As for you, Luisa, I wanted you as the First Link of Justice, to Prevent It from Unloading Itself upon all creatures, as they deserve; therefore I wanted to Lean My Left Arm on you, so that you might Sustain It Together with Me.”

       – St. Joseph Appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem again this day in 1958 (see post of March 17th)