5/13 Our Lady, Queen and Mother of the End Times

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Queen and Mother of the End Times, I am your little child in the Most Holy Divine Will, receive me and all people, past present and future.
I give to You my life and in Your Hands, I place my human will, all I have and all I am, my aspirations, desires and projects as Jesus Our King has ordained.
Take away from me all attachment to earthly material things, so that I will look for Heavenly possessions, which cannot be seen because they are spiritual.
I consecrate my life to You today, Queen and Mother, I freely surrender to Your Protection in the Divine Will such difficult instants in which I live, be my lifesaving Ark that will help me to remain afloat without sinking in the middle of the great purification.
May the Rays from Your Hands enlighten my mind, my thoughts and my memories that they be completely healed, and all my sufferings, so that I offer them and my many falls, so that You will lift me to Heaven.
Illuminate my human reason so that it does not compete with my Faith, but may they be one in the Divine Light of the other.
I consecrate myself to You and surrender to You within the great freedom of the little children of the Most Holy Divine Will through The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta.