6/1 Feast Day of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church

Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will – Day Thirty
“So, My daughter, I was in the midst of My Apostles more than the sun of the day. And I was the Anchor, the Wheel, the Boat in which they found Refuge, to be Safe and Sheltered from every danger. Therefore, I can say that I Delivered the nascent Church upon My Maternal Knees, and that My Arms were the Boat in which I Led Her to a Safe Harbor, and I Still Lead Her.” –


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The title of Mary, Mother of the Church is not new – there is evidence that is has been used as early as the 4th Century by Saint Ambrose. Also it is an official title given by Pope Paul VI during Vatican II. However, Pope Francis declared that starting 2018 the Monday after Pentecost the Universal Church will celebrate this feast. This means prayers and the readings for the mass on that day can be specifically chosen to fit this occasion…

We should act like Mary is our mother

Through this new annual feast, we should be reminded that Mary is our mother: Christ said so. Mary is not just a mother in some title, but a real mother we can to turn to. Just as she listened to the apostles and their disciples, so will she listen to each of us her children for we believe that she continues to exercise her maternal role in heaven.(CCC § 975) Just as a mother gives gifts to her children, Mary is the mediatrix from where graces (gifts) flow from.( CCC § 969, Lumen Gentium 62) While she increased the biological life of Jesus with her milk, she increases our spiritual life with graces.

If Christ gave Mary to us as mother, should we not treat her as such – the way the apostles did? Should we not go to her and confide the good things that happen in our life as well as our frustrations? Should we not ask her to intercede for material and graces we need? Should we not greet her each morning and “kiss” her goodnight before we go to sleep? If we do so, she can’t not but kiss us back.

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