8/31 Jesus makes Himself seen very afflicted

Volume 12; February 12, 1918
Churches deserted and without ministers.  

Continuing in my usual state, my Always Lovable Jesus made Himself seen so very afflicted, and I said to Him:  “My Love, what’s wrong that You are so afflicted?”  And He:  “Ah! My daughter, when I allow that Churches remain deserted, ministers dispersed, Masses reduced, it means that the Sacrifices are offenses to Me, the prayers insults, the adorations irreverences, the confessions amusements, and without fruits.  Therefore, no longer finding My Glory, but rather, offenses, nor any Good for them, since they are of no use to Me any more, I remove them.  However, this snatching ministers away from My Sanctuary means also that things have reached the ugliest point, and that the variety of Scourges shall multiply.  How hard man is – how hard!”