10/30 Letter #48 from the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta to Fr. Michele Samarelli, from Bari


May the Holy Will of God be our continuous kiss, and transform us completely into Jesus.

Most reverend Father and Theologian,

May good Jesus bind us in His Will so much as to no longer let us remember our own.  Oh, how happy we would be.  We would feel the divine seal in all our works; we would feel the breath of Jesus, the very power and love of Jesus, in our voice; and then, yes, we are able to say to Jesus:  “I love You; I really do, because in Your Will I have also Your Love in my power.  Therefore, not in my love do I love you, but in Your Love, the only One worthy of You.”  Jesus will not let Himself be won in Love by His creature.  He will Love us very much, so much as to confuse us with love.  In every beat of our heart, in every breath and thought, we will receive one “I Love you” of sweet Jesus; so many of these “I Love you’s” will come to us that we won’t be able to count them all.

Here is the answer.  It seems that Jesus says to you:  “Do you want Me to Love you much, very much, too much?  Do you want Me to pour into you the immense oceans of My Love, to reach the point of becoming mad for Love of you?  Live always in My Will, forget yourself, let Me lLve in you, and My Love for you will reach  the non plus ultra (the highest point).  The more you do My Will, the more I will Love you, because My Will deserves all My Love; therefore I will put also My Love at your disposal.”

Oh, how good is Jesus!  If we knew Him, we would die enraptured with Love.  And the Enrapturer Jesus with Love hides us in Love, so as not to make us die… The only doubt that Jesus does not Love us very much saddens Jesus and embitters Him.  Love calls for more Love.  The more we believe He Loves us, the more we feel like Loving Him; and Jesus, seeing Himself loved, loves us more…

Corato, October 14, 1917