12/29 Christmas has gone, Jesus is born… He (Jesus) wants your will as gift, so He will find something to amuse Himself with. 

Letter #16 from the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta                                                              

In Voluntate Dei!

My good and Reverend Mother General,

Thank you for your wishes; I return them to you from the heart.  Forgive me if I delayed in answering you, as it was convenient for me to play with my Little Baby Jesus, and then to think of my duty of answering Your Maternity.  And you know that many times one loses the game and remains upset, and tries to repeat the game in order to win; therefore it takes time and patience (I am joking).

Now, my most dear Mother, I send you my best wishes:  Christmas has gone, Jesus is born, and as my wishes, I send you little Jesus shivering with cold, His face wet with graceful tears, carrying His present in His little hands.  But do you know what that is?  His Divine Fiat.  What a beautiful present He wants to give you!  The gift is great, but He doesn’t want to be with nothing in His little hands.  My Mother, He is little, and wants to hold something to play with; He wants your will as gift, so He will find something to amuse Himself with.  Aren’t you happy?  Therefore, my wish is great:  I send you a most delicate task – to make the little Infant not be born, but grow with your love, to calm His crying and make Him smile by telling Him that you gladly accept the present of His Will, giving Him yours.  In sum, you will make Him grow so much that you yourself will become the veil that covers Jesus.

My Mother, it is true that my wishes come from a little ignorant one, but you must know that it is the delirium, the fever, that devours me, as I yearn that the Divine Will reign in the hearts, and that we be the repeaters of the life of the Little Baby.

Now I pass on to send my wishes to the whole community and to the little orphans, by sending the greetings, the kiss, the present which Baby Jesus wants to give to all of them.  And I beg all of them not to send Him back, otherwise they will make Him cry; and then how much will it take to soothe His tears.

In a special way I send my most heartfelt wishes to my good Mother Nazarena; tell her that I always remember her, I will never forget her, and I wish that dear little Jesus will keep her company, and make her a saint – a great saint; and to pray for me.

I finish here, because dear Little Baby is in a hurry to come to you, to give you His present and receive yours.  So I leave you in the place of honor of the Divine Will, in which Jesus wants you.  I kiss your right hand with sincere respect, and I ask you to bless me.

The little daughter of the Divine Will

Corato, December 27, 1934