04/18 The Day of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Book of Heaven
9/12/31 – Vol. 29

Luisa:  I continued to pray before the Tabernacle of Love, and in my interior I said to myself:  “What do You do, my Love, in this Prison of Love?” 

And Jesus, all Goodness, told me:  “My daughter, do you want to know what I do?  I do My day.  You Must Know that My whole Life, spent down here, I enclose within One Day.  My Day begins by being Conceived and Being Born; the veils of the Sacramental accidents serve Me as swaddling clothes for My tender age.  And when, because of human ingratitude, they leave Me alone and try to offend Me, I do My Exile, left with only the company of some loving soul who, like a second mother, cannot detach herself from Me and keeps Me faithful company.

“From the exile I move on to Nazareth, doing My Hidden Life in the company of those few good who surround Me.  And continuing My Day, as creatures draw near to receive Me, I do My Public Life, repeating My Evangelical scenes, offering to each one My Teachings, the Helps, the Comforts that are Necessary for them; I act as Father, as Teacher, as Doctor, and, if needed, also as Judge.  So, I spend My day waiting for all and doing Good to all.  And—O! how many times I have to remain alone, without a heart that would palpitate near Me.  I feel a desert around Me, and I remain alone—alone Praying.  I feel the loneliness of My days that I spent in the desert down here, and O! how Painful it is for Me—I, Who AM heartbeat for all in each heart; jealous, I Guard everyone—feeling Isolated and Abandoned.

“But My Day does not end with the sole abandonment; there is not one day that ungrateful souls do not offend Me and receive Me sacrilegiously, and make Me complete My Day with My Passion and with My Death on the Cross.  Ah! it is sacrilege the most ruthless Death that I receive in this Sacrament of Love.  So, in this Tabernacle I do My Day by carrying out everything I carried out in the Thirty-Three years of My mortal Life.  And just as in everything I Did and Do, the Prime Purpose, the Prime Act of Life, is the Will of My Father—that It be Done on earth as It is in Heaven—so in this little Host I do nothing other than Implore that One be My Will with My children.  And I call you in this Divine Will, in which you find My whole Life in Act; and you, by following It, ruminating It and offering It, unite yourself with Me in My Eucharistic Day, to Obtain that My Will be Known and Reign upon earth.  And so you too will be able to say:  ‘I do my day together with Jesus.’”