4/17 Peaceful Souls are the Delight of God


Book of Heaven
Volume 8; March 29, 1908
Peaceful souls are the Delight and Amusement of God

     This morning, on coming, Blessed Jesus seemed to carry a black mantle; and drawing near me, He seemed to place me (Luisa) under it, saying: “In this way I will envelop all creatures, as within a black mantle.” And He disappeared.
I remained concerned because of some chastisement, and I prayed Him to come back, for I could no longer be without Him; but I was as though bothered by that sight from before. Then, after much hardship, He came, carrying a cup filled with some liqueur. He gave me some to drink, and then He added: My daughter, Peaceful souls eat at My same table and drink at My cup, and the Divine Archer does nothing but dart through them continuously, and no dart is wasted. All of them – all of them wound the loving soul; and the soul faints, while the Divine Archer continues with His Arrows that now make her die of Love, now give her back New Life of Love. And from her wounds, the soul shoots her darts to wound the One who has so much wounded her. So, a Peaceful soul is the Delight and the Amusement of God; while, with turbid souls, if the Divine Archer darts through them, the darts are wasted by the soul, leaving Him embittered, and forming the diabolical amusement and taste.”