6/23 One who is united with the Humanity of Jesus finds herself at the door of His Divinity.

Book of Heaven
6/23/05 – Vol. 6

Continuing in my usual state, I was thinking of how Jesus Christ died, and that in no way could He fear death, because, being so united with the Divinity, or rather, transmuted into It, He was already safe, like someone in his own palace.  But for the soul – oh, how different it is!  While I was thinking of this and other nonsense, blessed Jesus came and told me:  “My daughter, one who is united with my Humanity already finds herself at the door of my Divinity, because my Humanity is mirror for the soul, from which the Divinity is reflected in her.  If one is in the reflections of this mirror, it is natural that all of her being be transmuted into love; because, my daughter, everything that comes out of the creature, even the movements of her eyes, of her lips, the moving of her thoughts, and all the rest – everything should be love, and done out of love; and since my Being is all love, wherever I find love I absorb everything within Myself, and the soul dwells safely in Me, like someone in his own palace.  So, what fear can the soul have, in her dying, of coming to Me, if she is already in Me?”