6/22 Bruno Cornacciola passed away on this day in 2001

Bruno Cornacciola

(The Virgin of Revelation appeared at Tre Fontane, Rome, April, 12, 1947 – 40 days after the Transit to Heaven of Luisa Piccarreta)

I am who I am in the Divine Trinity

I am with those who are” demonstrates explicit confirmation of all titles, truth and dogmas concerning the Blessed Virgin, revealed and un-revealed. They give us an understanding of the Virgin’s existence in time, the action of the Trinity in the Incarnation and her divine motherhood, ‘indicating the continuity of the Trinity in redemption, mediation and sanctification of humanity in time, and for eternity. “In the Divine Trinity” By these words, one can consider, but does not understand the merger or the indivisible operations by the Trinity, through Her Son Jesus Christ. Full of Grace is in perfect ecstasy within eternal love of God. “I am the Virgin” indicates Mary’s cooperation with the intimate actions in Her, by the Trinity for eternal salvation of the faithful: She is not only virginity of morals but from eternity, the integrity of divine science infused in Her is incomprehensible but at present continues in a real manner. “Of Revelation” In these words we can also understand that all the privileges granted to the Virgin by the Trinity by Divine Will, have been established by Mary’s cooperation. The Virgin Mother is unique at all times, with a universal right in veneration and one in all her manifestations. – IL Viggente (The Seer) on Our Lady of Revelation – Who Appeared to him April 12, 1947 – 40 days after Luisa’s entrance into Heaven.

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