6/28 Feast Day of St. Irenaeus

S_St IrenaeusSt. Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr

Quite rightly we sing in the Gloria in excelsis: “We praise you, we bless you . . . we give you thanks for your great glory.” These statements can be applied in a special way to the action of the Holy Spirit, who, in the First Letter of Peter, is called “the spirit of glory” (1 Peter 4:14). This is a glory which is pure gratuitousness: It does not consist of taking or receiving, but only of giving. In giving us His Spirit, who is the source of life, the Father manifests His glory, making it visible in our lives. In this regard, St. Irenaeus says that “the glory of God is the living man” (Adv. Haer. IV, 20, 7).


Book of Heaven
7/14/28 – Vol. 24

How one who lives in the Divine Will forms her little seas within God Himself.  How the Divine Will is light and It looks for light, and how all evils become lost before Its light.  Prodigy of the Fiat.

I feel myself completely in the Divine Fiat, and my adorable Jesus showed before my mind an interminable Sea of light; and within this Sea one could see many other little seas, little rivers, formed in the same Sea.  It was beautiful, delightful, enchanting, to see these little seas formed very often within the Divine Sea—some smaller, some a little larger.  It seemed to me as when, possibly, we are in the sea and, as we dive into it, the water divides, and forming a circle around us, it gives us the place in order to be able to stay in the sea, in such a way that one can see many people in it, who are not seas, because the sea does not have the virtue of converting us into water, while Our God has the virtue of converting us into His very Light, and in spite of this, one can see that a human will has gone to dive into the Divine Sea to take its place in It, and according to its much or little operating, it forms a small or a larger little sea within the Divine Sea.

Now, while I was delighting in watching a scene so beautiful and enrapturing, my sweet Jesus told me:  “My daughter, these little seas and rivers that you see in the Eternal Sea of the Divine Majesty are of those who operate in the Divine Will.  The Creator gives and forms the place within His own Sea for those who want to live in the Fiat; He admits them into His house and lets them form their own properties.  And while forming their own, they enjoy all the goods of the interminable Sea of the Supreme Being, who gives wide freedom to these children of His to expand their own little seas within His very Sea, as much as they can.

“In this Sea there are the little seas of My Humanity and those of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven, and there will also be those of the ones who will live in My Will.  None of their acts will be done outside of this Divine Sea, and this will be the greatest Glory of God and the greatest honor for the children of my Divine Fiat.”…