6/29 Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul (New and Traditional c67)

Little Daughter of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta
On this Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul (New and Trad c.67), the little children of the Divine Will remember and celebrate the Apostolic Princes of the Church and the ordination of Pope Benedict XVI. This day in 1951 Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger was ordained into the holy priesthood of Christ. He shares the namesake “Aloysius’ with the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Aloysiusa as on her baptismal certificate.
In today’s Breviary, June 29, 2020, St. Peter says to Our Lord Jesus, “You are Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And Jesus, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona. For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but the Father has Revealed it.” Why? From a homily of St. Jerome, ‘What flesh and blood could not reveal was revealed by the Grace of the Holy Spirit. By his profession also he earns a right to his name; receiving a Revelation from the Holy Spirit, he should be called son of the Holy Spirit, and indeed Bar-Jona means “Son of the Dove.”
In this time of Sanctification, the Holy Spirit is bringing awareness to the little children, through the little daughter of the Divine Will, of the Wonders God is doing.
Volume 17 – May 4, 1925 – The Most Essential Thing to know about the Holy Divine Will
Jesus said to Luisa – “What if I told you, Luisa, that you did not write everything? Rather, you have left out the Most Essential thing. So, continue to write, and add: ‘The Mission of My Will shall Conceal the Most Holy Trinity upon earth.  Just as in Heaven there are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Inseparable but Distinct among Themselves, Who Form all the Beatitude of Heaven, in the Same Way, on earth there will be three Persons who, because of their Missions, will be Distinct and Inseparable among themselves: the Virgin Mary, with Her Maternity which Conceals the Paternity of the Celestial Father and Encloses His Power in order to Fulfill Her Mission of Mother of the Eternal Word and Co-Redemptrix of mankind; My Humanity, for the Mission of Redeemer, which was Enclosed in the Divinity of the Word, without ever separating from the Father and from the Holy Spirit, in order to Manifest My Celestial Wisdom, adding the Bond of becoming Inseparable from My Mama; and you Luisa, for the Mission of My Will, as the Holy Spirit will Display His Love in you Luisa, Manifesting to you His Secrets, the Prodigies of My Will, the Goods It Contains, in order to make happy those who will give themselves to knowing how much Good this Supreme Will Contains, to Love It and to let It Reign in their midst, offering their souls to let It Dwell within their hearts, that It may be able to Form Its Life in them. And the Bond of Inseparability will be added, between you Luisa, the Mother and the Eternal Word.
… being Light, The Divine Will shall make Its Way by Itself, More than a Second Sun, in order to Illuminate the human generations and to Bring about the Fulfillment of Our Works: that Our Will be Known and Loved, and that It Reign as Life within the creatures.
Therefore, be attentive, because this is about Rescuing that Eternal Will which, with So Much Love, Wants to Dwell in the creatures.  But It wants to be Known, It does not want to be like a stranger; rather, It Wants to give out Its Goods and become Life of each one, but It Wants Its Rights Whole – Its Place of Honor. It wants the human will to be banished – the only enemy for It, and for man.
The Mission of My Will was the Purpose of the Creation of man.  My Divinity did not Depart from Heaven, from Its Throne; My Will, instead, not only Departed, but Descended into all Created things and Formed Its Life in them.  However, while all things Recognized Me, and I Dwell in them with Majesty and Decorum, man alone drove Me away.  But I, Jesus Want to Conquer him and Win him; and this is why My Mission is not finished.  So I Called you, Luisa, Entrusting to you My Own Mission, that you, Luisa, may place the one (man – the Holy Father will be the first) who drove Me away, on the Lap of My Will, and everything may Return to Me, in My Will.
Therefore, do not be surprised at the Great and Marvelous things I may tell you for the Sake of This Mission, or at the Many Graces I may Give you; because this is not about making a Saint, but about Saving the generations.  This is about Rescuing a Divine Will, for which everything Must Return to the Beginning, to the Origin from which everything came, so that the Purpose of My Will may have Its Complete Fulfillment.”
“As the Source of our New Life in Christ, the Holy Spirit is also, in a Very Real Way, the Soul of the Church, the Love that Binds us to the Lord and to one another, and the Light that Opens our eyes to see all around us the Wonders of God’s Grace.” Pope (now Emeritis) Benedict XVI