8/3 Selections from a booklet titled “A Light on your Journey for each Day of the Year”,

compiled by Sister Assunta Marigliano

Sister Assunta is President of the Pious Association
Luisa Piccarreta – Piccoli 
Figli del Divin Volere“,
located in Corato, Italy,
and Promoter of the Cause of Beatification of Luisa Piccarreta.

This booklet contains daily helpful excerpts from letters written by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta to various people. For your convenience, “A light on your Journey for each day of the Year” has been included in its entirety in the side menu of this site. It is also available at the following web side: click here 

Introduction to that booklet:


A Light on your Journey for each Day of the Year

Luisa Piccarreta

Archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie



Trani, September 24, 1997

Il Cancelliere Arcivescovile, Mons. Giuseppe Asciano

From the Postulation of the Cause of Beatification of Luisa Piccarreta


This little booklet will be for you, fortunate soul, a Light of guidance an strength, which will accompany you each day of the year.

It contains brief reflections taken from the Letters of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, who died in odor of sanctity on March 4, 1947 in Corato (Bari), Italy, and whose Cause of Beatification is currently in process.

These thoughts are the fruits of her intimate life, lived in the fullness of the Divine Will, from which she drew Light in order to give Light to all of those who turned to her to receive guidance and strength on their journey of life.

Though brief, these reflections are filled with Divine Wisdom, and are capable of transforming your day into Love for God and your brothers and sisters.

Open your heart to pure faith – to the Divine Fiat that wants to transform your actions in the Light of the Divine Will; and to your Guardian Angel, who will gather the fruit of your daily reflection, to offer it to God as the homage of your “Yes” to His Most Holy Will.

With the protection of the Most Hol Virgin Mary, I wish Divine richness and safe guidance for your soul, on the journey toward the high mountain of the Divine Fiat.

Luisa will lead you by the hand – do not fear!

Sister Assunta Marigliano


From the Letters of the Servant of God,
Luisa Piccarreta the Little Daughter of the Divine Will:

I beg you to live always in the Divine Will.  I pray that Jesus will seal It in your mind, on your lips, in your heartbeat, in the movements of your hands, and even in your breath.