8/9 Effects of peace and of disturbance.

Book of Heaven
8/9/05 – Vol. 6


Continuing in my usual state, I was feeling a little disturbed, and blessed Jesus, on coming, told me:  “My daughter, the soul who is at peace and whose whole being tends completely into Me, drips with drops of light which fall upon my garment and form my ornament.  On the other hand, the soul who is disturbed drips with darkness, which forms the diabolical ornament.  Not only this, but disturbance impedes the course of grace and renders it unable to operate good.”  Then He added:  “If the soul becomes disturbed over everything, it is a sign that she is full of herself.  If she becomes disturbed with something that happens to her, but does not with something else, it is a sign that she has something of God, but there are many voids to be filled.  If, then, nothing disturbs her, it is a sign that she is all filled with God.  Oh! how much harm disturbance does to the soul – to the point of rejecting God and of filling her completely with herself.”