10/09 Letter #111 from the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta to a Priest

J.M.J. – Fiat!

Most reverend Father,

I feel the duty to send you my wishes for your Name Day, but my most beautiful wish is that of sending you the Divine Will as bearer of Divine Sanctity, of light, of love and of peace, that It may plunge you into Its sea and hide you within Its light, in such a way as to not wanting or seeing anything but Divine Will. May all your life be transformed so much in It as to feel Its Life more than yours. How happy you will be! You will feel a Creative Power in all your necessary things, and also in the good you want to do to souls… In the Divine Will you will feel that it is not you who are speaking, working, walking, loving, but it is Jesus who speaks, works, walks and loves. Even more, He is too jealous to let us do; He wants to do everything Himself, and in order to do so, He puts His own Will at our disposal. Goodness of God – how adorable, great and powerful you are!

Holy Father, I think you will appreciate my wishes which I am sending you with all my heart, and that you will pray for me, that I may never leave the Divine Will, because It alone is my refuge, my help, the support in my sufferings… However, I feel happy that everyone has gone away from me – and you too, and that the Divine Will is the only thing left to me; and I hope It will soon take me to Heaven in Its arms.

I renew my wishes, and leaving you in the center of the sea of the Fiat, and kissing your right hand, I implore on my knees your paternal blessing.

The little daughter of the Divine Will.

Corato, March 1942