10/10 Letter #109 To Mrs A. Savorani, from Faenza

In Volunatate Dei!

My good daughter in the Divine Volition,

What I recommend to you is that the Divine Will be your life, your breath, the beating of your heart, your continuous motion. It is the greatest miracle that the Lord can make for you, and the highest sanctity we can possibly reach. Every time we live of Divine Will, we acquire divine bonds and we bound ourselves to the Divine Family. All rights are ours – both human and divine – because everything belongs to the Divine Will, therefore everything is ours. So, think that, together with the Divine Volition, I am whispering to your ear: “My daughter, live always in the Divine Will.”

I have always remembered that, among all, you had a special interest in knowing the Divine Will and in making It known (When we want to know It, we form the seed of the Divine Will), and I was bound to you. Therefore, continue your mission, I beg you, do not draw back, and in all things make an encounter with the Divine Will… Oh, how It yearns for this, and reaches the point of crying and begging us to receive It in all our acts. And when It is received, It makes feast, and puts all Heaven in a new feast, seeing that a creature wants to do Its Divine Will.

Thank you for your affection. I will pray for your brother; and you, pray for me, for I so much need it. Leaving you in the center of the sea of the Divine Will, that you may no longer leave It, I say,

The little daughter in the Divine Will.

Corato, January 22, 1942