11/17 Everything that one does in the Divine Will takes its place in God.

Book of Heaven
11/17/35 – Vol. 33

                  I felt myself in the arms of the Divine Will; it seems to me that It waits for me in order to Operate in my little act in order to give me rest in Its Works, and in order for It to also rest.

                  And my sweet Jesus, surprising me with His brief little visit, told me:  “My daughter, as the creature operates in My Will, so her acts take their place in Our Divine Being.  Our Goodness is so much, that it has many voids in order to receive into Our Volition all the human acts that possess the Creative Virtue.  They come to their Creator all festive and they fill these voids because Our Love has a Beautiful place formed in Us in order to be able to say with deeds:  ‘They are Our Acts.  What We do, the creature does.  What she does in Our Will, nothing remains outside of Us, nor can they remain outside of Us.  It would be so if this were possible, as if Our Life were subject to separating—that which cannot be because We not only possess the Inseparability of Our Supreme Being, but of all Our Acts.  And for one who Lives in Our Volition, We have places for everything, and We form One Single Act of everything.

                  “Now, these acts find in Us not only their place of Honor, but Perennial Life and their Rest.  And We feel the Happiness, the Joy, that the creature has enclosed in her act by doing it in Our Will.  We feel that Our Fiat Loves Us, Glorifies Us, Felicitates Us, Beatifies Us in the act of the creature as We merit. O! how Happy We feel.  To feel Happiness in Us is Natural. To feel the Happiness that the creature can give Us, We feel the Exchange of the Work of Creation—and does it seem little to you that We give the Virtue to the creature of being able to Felicitate her Creator?  And such and so much is the Joy that We experience, that We abandon Ourselves in the arms of the creature, and clasping her in Ours We Rest in her, and she rests in Us.  And then Our Rest is broken when she surprises Us with other acts of hers, in order to enjoy the Happiness that she brings Us.  In fact, We do nothing other than pass from Happiness to Rest, from Rest to Happiness.  Blessed creature who, Living in Our Divine Will, can Felicitate He who possesses the open Sea of Infinite Joys and Happiness without end.”