1/12 The blindness of men. Jesus speaks about divorce. Contradictions are precious pearls.

Book of Heaven
1/12/02 – Vol. 4

It seems that my adorable Jesus continues to come a little bit. This morning, then, transporting me outside of myself, He showed me the great evils of society, and His great bitternesses; and He poured into me, abundantly, part of what embittered Him. Then He said to me: “My daughter, see now where the blindness of men has reached – to the point of wanting to make laws which are iniquitous and go against themselves and their own social welfare. My daughter, this is why I am calling you to sufferings again – so that, as you offer yourself with Me to Divine Justice, those who must fight this law of divorce may obtain light and efficacious grace in order to be victorious. My daughter, I tolerate that they make wars and revolutions, and that the blood of the new martyrs inundate the world – this is an honor for Me and for my Church; but this brutal law is an affront to my Church, and it is abominable and intolerable to Me.”

Now, while He was saying this, I saw a man who was fighting against this law – tired and exhausted in his strengths, in the act of wanting to withdraw from the enterprise. So, together with the Lord, we encouraged Him, and he answered: “I see myself almost fighting alone, and unable to obtain the intent.” And I said to him: ‘Courage, for contradictions are as many pearls which the Lord will use to adorn you in Heaven.’ And he took heart and continued the enterprise. After this, I saw someone else, all weary and concerned, not knowing what to decide, and someone saying to him: “Do you know what you should do? Get out – get out of Rome.” And he: “No, I cannot, this is the word given to my father; I will lay down my life, but as for getting out – never.” Afterwards, we withdrew; Jesus disappeared, and I found myself inside myself.