1/11 Love wants to be matched by Love.

Book of Heaven
1/11/12 – Vol. 10

After I received Communion, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all around me, and I was in the middle, as if within a flow. Jesus was the flow and I the nothing which was in the middle of this flow. Now, who can say what I experienced in this flow? I felt I was immense, yet nothing existed of me but nothingness; I felt breathed upon by Jesus; I felt His breath around me and everywhere… But I don’t have the words to express myself, I am too ignorant; I wrote this to obey. Then, afterwards Jesus told me: “My daughter, see how much I love you and how I keep you safe within my flow – that is, within Me. This is how you should keep Me safe and sheltered within you. Love wants to be matched by Love, so as to have the contentment of making a greater surprise of Love. Therefore, never go out from within my Love, from within my desires, from within my works, from within my all.”