3/20 The Passion serves as garment for man.

J_Because by Thy Holy Cross

“We adore Thee, Oh Christ, and we bless Thee. 
Because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast Redeemed the world.” 
This prayer is  prayed universally in both the Church in the East and in the West.

5/30/04 – Vol. 6

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about and offering the Passion of Our Lord, especially the crown of thorns, and I was praying that He would give light to so many blinded minds, and that he would make Himself known, because ‘it is impossible to know You and not to love You.’

While I was saying this, my adorable Jesus came out from within my interior and told me: “My daughter, how much ruin pride causes in souls! It is enough to tell you that it forms a wall of division between the creature and God, and from images of Me it transforms them into demons. And then, if the fact that creatures are so blinded that they themselves do not understand nor see the abyss they are in, grieves you and saddens you so much, and you take so much to heart that I help them, My Passion serves as garment for man, that covers his greatest miseries, embellishes him and gives back to him all the good of which he had deprived himself and had lost because of sin…”